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Routledge Education Author of the Month September 2010: Robert J. Starratt


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Robert J. Starratt has been a member of the faculties at the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University and The Lynch School of Education at Boston College, serving as department chair of Educational Leadership at both universities and participating in the redesign of their Masters and Doctoral programs in Educational Leadership. His scholarly publications have led to invitations to speak with educators in Asia, India, Australia Europe and Canada, as well as in the United States. He has participated regularly at the annual conferences of The American Educational Research Association, The University Council of Educational Administration, and The Center for Values and Educational Leadership in presenting papers and serving on panels of researchers in education.

He has published, with Thomas Sergiovanni, eight editions of a popular text in instructional supervision, Supervision: A Redefinition. His other publications include, The Drama of Schooling, the Schooling of Drama; The Drama of Leadership; Building an Ethical School; Centering Educational Administration: Cultivating Meaning, Community, Responsibility; Ethical Leadership; and most recently, Refocusing School Leadership: Foregrounding Human Development Throughout the Work of the School.

He has been awarded the Donald Willower Award for Lifetime Achievement in Educational Leadership, the UCEA Roald Campbell Award for Lifetime Achievement in Educational Leadership, and the University of Illinois Alumni Award for Lifetime Achievement in Education.

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  3. Building An Ethical School

    A Practical Response To The Moral Crisis In Schools

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