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The Armed Conflict Database from the IISS

The IISS Armed Conflict Database is an authoritative and unique online source of data and independent analysis on current and recent conflicts.

‘The Armed Conflict Database (ACD) from the International Institute for Strategic Studies is an invaluable tool for the annual compilation of the Global Peace Index.’ – Economist Intelligence Unit

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  • Facts – timelines published daily on the 50-plus active conflicts covered in the ACD
  • Data – annual figures for global conflict trends, as well as multi-year statistics on fatalities, refugees and IDPs
  • Analysis – regular assessments of political, military and human security trends, plus background briefings
  • includes a list of selected non-state armed groups, their estimated strength, origin, political or ideological aims, and areas of operation
  • reports and statistics on archived conflicts, plus further analysis of potential conflicts and conflict-related themes within ACD news


  • browse through the different year-on-year reports and fact sheets online
  • generate targeted reports on conflict data starting from 1997 and correlate reports from various years, conflicts, regions and topics
  • easily find more conflict-specific content with links to IISS publications and primary documents

'Easily navigable, distinctively presented…Recommended.' – Reference Reviews

Free Content

Sample content is available on Libya, Georgia (Abkhazia) and Georgia (South Ossetia). Simply create a free account and access the conflict entries today.

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The International Institute for Strategic Studies

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) is the world’s leading authority on political-military conflict. The Institute is the primary source of accurate, objective information on international strategic issues for politicians and diplomats, foreign affairs analysts, international business, economists, the military, defence commentators, journalists, academics and the informed public. The Institute owes no allegiance to any government, or to any political or other organisation.

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