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What is the Routledge Revivals program?

Routledge Revivals is a program designed to reissue a wealth of out-of-print and unavailable titles written by some of the leading academic scholars of the last 120 years. To date, the program includes titles by the likes of Sir Andrew Motion, J. A. Hobson, Hermione Lee, Zygmunt Bauman, Karl Jaspers, Malcolm Bradbury, Simone Weil, Emile Durkheim, Charles Kindelberger and W. Arthur Lewis.

All our Revivals titles are published using Print-On-Demand technology, which means that they will never go out of print again.

[Visit the Routledge Revivals page]

Which subject areas do the Revivals cover?

All subjects that fall within the spectrum of the Humanities and Social Sciences, reflecting the impressive breadth and depth of the Routledge backlist. Thus far, the Routledge Revivals list is particularly strong in the areas of Sociology, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Literature and History. We are also developing an impressive list for the Psychology Revivals series, which utilizes our strong backlist in this field.

How long has the program been active?

The first Routledge Revivals titles were published in July 2009 and we now have over 700 titles available in hardback, with a substantial percentage of these already available as eBooks, as well as in paperback as part of the paperbacks direct program. The program has grown from strength-to-strength over the past few years, and we expect it to continue to develop and expand in the future.

Are Revivals available as e-books?

Where we've been able to acquire electronic rights, Revivals titles are also available in eBook format. Publishing in digital format enables currently unavailable titles oftentimes published many decades ago, to reach a new generation of digitally-savvy scholars.

What is the difference between a Routledge Revival and a Routledge Library Edition?

Routledge Library Editions (RLEs) are also straight reissues from our backlist, but instead of being single, stand-alone volumes like the Revivals they are always released as backlist collections on a particular subject or author. RLE collections can vary in size from 5-300 volumes.

What's the difference between a Revival and a facsimile Major Work?

A facsimile Major Work will oftentimes gather diverse sources together, such as selected chapters from books, and manuscript material. They tend not to re-issue complete books.

For further information about the Revivals program, or if you have any titles to propose for reissue, please get in touch with Sophia: