Lene Møller Madsen is a human geographer that works within the area of Science education. She is currently engaged in three main research fields. Firstly, the issue of developing spatial thinking skills among geography students working in a computer laboratory. Here, we have conducted empirical studies to analyse the influence of teaching practice and showed that the students processes of constructing their personal instrument for spatial analysis is both complex and often influenced in an unconstructive way for learning by the use of manuals in the laboratory class. Secondly, the issues of students choice of education, social and academic integration into STEM higher education programmes, and retention. Here, we have shown that the students constantly negotiate their choice of education, that their integration into higher edu-cation often is troublesome, and that they apply different strategies for handling their integration process. Further, we find that a focus on identity can inform our knowledge of the complex field of retention within science. Finally she is involved in research of scientific knowledge production and capacity building of universities in the Global South.
B.Sc. Human Geography, University of Copenhagen, Denmark1993
M.Sc. Human Geography, University of Copenhagen, Denmark1996
PhD Geography, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2001
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Science Education, Higher education, Human Geography, Qualitative research, Staff development