Coming from a mixed ethnic background and now living and working in Japan, I have had to negotiate cultural boundaries as part of everyday life from an early age. This has led me to appreciate the role which culture and identity can play in International Relations and its role in providing human (or existential) security for individuals and communities. Culture, in my view, is not the "ethnic property" of a particular group but is that which gives meaning to human life. It is fluid and cannot be contained in the territorial container of the nation-state but continues to shape and define human existence in many different spaces. As such, it is an inherently political concept and the focus of my research.
PhD Politics of South Asia, SOAS, University of London
MSc Politics of Asia and Africa, SOAS, University of London
BSc (Econ) International Relations, LSE
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
1. Religion and International Relations Theory
2. Nationalism and Diasporic identities
3. Postcolonialism
4. Critical Theory
5. Human Security
Personal Interests
2. Film