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Selling Rights

6th Edition

By Lynette Owen

Routledge – 2010 – 436 pages

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    May 19th 2010


Selling Rights is a practical and accessible guide to all aspects of selling rights and co-publications throughout the world. The sixth edition of this authoritative handbook has been updated to include the changes which have taken place in technology, sales and distribution, and legislation in the United Kingdom and overseas, especially relating to web 2.0. Selling Rights covers the full range of potential rights, from English-language territorial rights, book club and paperback sales through to serial rights, translation rights, dramatization and documentary rights, and electronic publishing and multimedia.

This fully revised and updated edition of Selling Rights includes:

  • the need to deal with the use of orphan works, the entry of more countries into membership of the international copyright conventions and initiatives to tackle electronic piracy
  • developments in the area of parallel importation
  • practical advice on rights management systems and on more efficient ways to promote and submit titles to potential licensees
  • developments in the licensing of translation rights
  • coverage of collective licensing systems for the use of extracts from copyright works
  • initiatives to make copyright works more accessible to the reading-impaired
  • recent developments in e-publishing, such as the new e-readers, downloadable audiobooks, and the rise of the mobile phone
  • important distinctions such as whether e-books constitute sales or licences.


'I have previously described Selling Rights as an indispensable, one-stop reference work for everybody working in rights. It remains that, but also has a wider purpose in raising issues for discussion and reflection about copyright, the exploitation of rights and possible future developments…Selling Rights is not just for rights staff in publishing, it is for all in publishing who want to know about rights' The Bookseller

'Selling Rights fulfils many invaluable functions – it is essential bookshelf ready-reference, and a useful companion when handling tricky or unfamiliar rights situations…it is an ideal desk-companion for experienced rights practitioners and beginners alike' – Publishing News

'In Selling Rights the publishing industry has happily found its total book with which to unravel the new challenges ahead' – Learned Publishing

'Selling Rights has firmly cemented its position as the key reference work for the publishing industry and has responded elegantly to these digital times' – Learned Publishing

'This is a standard work which all publishers should have on their shelves. It is also a worthwhile buy for serious authors especially those seeking to make publishing a career, as it will make talking to publishers/agents much easier' Logos

'All aspects of rights selling are covered, starting with the clearest definition of copyright I've ever seen, through to the intricacies of the fast-moving, and often confusing, world of digital rights' Carole Blake,

'the sixth edition of Selling Rights retains its position as an indispensable work of reference for anyone working with rights and contracts in the publishing industry'Entertainment Law Review

'This is not a book just for rights people. All publishing managers need to have access to it'The Publishers Association

'Selling Rights is an absolutely essential overview for all those involved in the licensing side of publishing, whether legally qualified or not. Non-lawyers might want to skip the discussions of finer points of the law and head straight for the more juicy morsels of practical advice, but lawyers will rather enjoy the competent analysis provided.' – European Intellectual Property Review


Preface Acknowledgements and further reading Useful names and addresses 1 Rights: the historical and legal background 2 The publishing contract: who should control the rights? 3 An expanding range of possibilities 4 The rationale behind rights sales 5 Selling rights: who and how? 6 Tackling the task: essentials 7 Rights selling: a range of methods 8 Book fairs and sales trips: preparation, survival and follow-up 9 English-language territorial rights 10 Book club rights 11 Paperback rights 12 Low-price reprint rights 13 Other reprint rights 14 Serial rights and one-shot periodical rights 15 Digest and condensation rights 16 Translation rights 17 Anthology and quotation rights 18 Rights for the visually impaired 19 Single-voice readings 20 Single-voice recording and video recording rights 21 Dramatization and documentary rights: stage, radio, television and film rights 22 Merchandising rights 23 Reprographic and electronic reproduction rights 24 Electronic and multimedia rights 25 Supply of duplicate production material Index

Author Bio

Lynette Owen is Copyright Director of Pearson Education Ltd. She is the general Editor of, and a contributor to, Clark’s Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents (7th edition, 2007) and is the author of a number of practical handbooks on copyright and licensing for publishers in transitional and developing countries in central and eastern Europe and Asia. She regularly lectures on training courses both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Name: Selling Rights: 6th Edition (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: By Lynette Owen. Selling Rights is a practical and accessible guide to all aspects of selling rights and co-publications throughout the world. The sixth edition of this authoritative handbook has been updated to include the changes which have taken place in technology,...
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