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Student Engagement in Higher Education

Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Approaches for Diverse Populations

Edited by Shaun R. Harper, Stephen John Quaye

Routledge – 2009 – 340 pages

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Student Engagement in Higher Education is an important volume that fills a longstanding void in the higher education and student affairs literature. The editors and authors make clear that diverse populations of students experience college differently and encounter group-specific barriers to success. Informed by relevant theories, each chapter focuses on a different population for whom research confirms that engagement and connectivity to the college experience are problematic, including: low-income students, racial/ethnic minorities, students with disabilities, LGBT students, and several others. The forward-thinking practical ideas offered throughout the book are based on the 41 contributors’ more than 540 cumulative years of full-time work experience in various capacities at two-year and four-year institutions of higher education. Faculty and administrators will undoubtedly find this book complete with fresh strategies to reverse problematic engagement trends among various college student populations.


"While teaching at the University of Southern California, editors Harper and Quaye challenged their doctoral students to research effective practices that promote engagement for students of a range of social identities. The result is a rich volume of scholarship on the complex and situational circumstances that impede or advance student success. Each article provides both theoretical perspective and concrete curricular and cocurricular models to enhance the college experiences of students, whatever their particular identities and contexts. Student Engagement in Higher Education is an essential text for faculty, staff, and administrators aspiring to facilitate student engagement on today's multicultural campuses." -- Diversity & Democracy, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2009

"Harper and Quaye have edited a volume that relocates the weight of student engagement by alleviating the burden generally placed upon the student as the contributing authors call for administrators and educators to embrace their share of the collective responsibility. In doing so, Harper and Quaye hope to create participation, discussion, critical thinking and action in educators and administrators considering student engagement (p. 2). This book succeeds in these goals…" -- Winston C. Thompson, Teachers College Record, January 16, 2009

"Editors Shaun R. Harper and Stephen John Quaye have assembled a talented trope of authors with experience in an array of postsecondary institutions—many as administrators, some as scholars, but all as practitioners—to share their insights into how to work effectively with diverse student populations. Each of the 16 jointly authored chapters offers a unique perspective on a particular population of students…The concrete interventions proposed in this volume will help institutions serious about engaging diverse populations foster environments that are welcoming and engaging for all students."--Jillian Kinzie, Journal of College Student Development, July/August 2009, Vol 50, No 4, pp 471-474

"This text serves as a model of good student affairs practice—modeling for students and practitioners how to apply theory and research to the development of informed practice. There is a clear acknowledgment of classical theories of student development and college impact such as environmental press, social capital, attribution theory, and Astin’s framework of student involvement."—Review of Higher Education



Foreword, Estela Mara Bensimon

Chapter 1

Beyond Sameness, with Engagement and Outcomes for All: An Introduction, Shaun R. Harper and Stephen John Quaye

Chapter 2

International Students at Four-Year Institutions: Developmental Needs, Issues, and Strategies, Gregory Anderson, Karen Carmichael, Todd J. Harper, and Tzufang Huang

Chapter 3

Beyond Accommodation: Removing Barriers to Academic and Social Engagement for Students with Disabilities, Andrew H. Nichols and Stephen John Quaye

Chapter 4

Fostering Safe, Engaging Campuses for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Students, Leah Schueler, Jeffrey Hoffman, and Elizabeth Peterson

Chapter 5

Creating Welcoming Campus Environments for Students from Minority Religious Groups, Caitlin J. Mahaffey and Scott A. Smith

Chapter 6

Gender-Specific Approaches to Enhancing Identity Development among Undergraduate Women and Men, Frank Harris III and Jaime Lester

Chapter 7

Environmental and Developmental Approaches to Supporting Women's Success in STEM Fields, Candace Rypisi, Lindsey Malcom, and Helen Kim

Chapter 8

Institutional Seriousness Concerning Black Male Student Engagement: Necessary Conditions and Collaborative Partnerships, Shaun R. Harper

Chapter 9

Engaging Racial/Ethnic Minority Students in Predominantly White Classroom Environments, Stephen John Quaye, Tracy Poon Tambascia, and Rameen Ahmadi Talesh

Chapter 10

Engaging Racial/Ethnic Minority Students in Out-of-Class Activities on Predominantly White Campuses, Viannda M. Hawkins and Heather Larabee

Chapter 11

Engaging White Students in a Multicultural Campus: Developmental Needs and Institutional Challenges, Margaret W. Sallee, Moreen E. Logan, Susan Sims, and W. Paul Harrington

Chapter 12

Meeting the Needs of Commuter, Part-time, Transfer, and Returning Students, Scott C. Silverman, Sarvenaz Aliabadi, and Michelle R. Stiles

Chapter 13

Creating a Pipeline to Engage Low-Income, First-Generation College Students, Jarrett Gupton, Cristina Castelo-Rodríguez, David Angel Martínez, and Imelda Quintanar

Chapter 14

Improving Transfer Trajectories for First-Year, First-Generation, Minority Community College Students, Ramona Barrio-Sotillo, Kaneesha Miller, Kuro Nagasaka, and Tony Arguelles

Chapter 15

Redefining Championship In College Sports: Enhancing Outcomes and Increasing Student-Athlete Engagement, Brandon E. Martin

Chapter 16

The Changing Academy: Developmental Approaches to Engaging Emerging Populations in Higher Education, Kenechukwu (K.C.) Mmeje, Christopher B. Newman, Dennis A. Kramer II, and Mark A. Pearson

Afterword, George D. Kuh

About the Editors

About the Contributors

Author Bio

Stephen John Quaye is on the faculty in the Student Affairs in Higher Education Program at Miami University.

Shaun R. Harper is on the faculty in the Graduate School of Education and Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Name: Student Engagement in Higher Education: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Approaches for Diverse Populations (Paperback)Routledge 
Description: Edited by Shaun R. Harper, Stephen John Quaye. Student Engagement in Higher Education is an important volume that fills a longstanding void in the higher education and student affairs literature. The editors and authors make clear that diverse populations of students experience college differently...
Categories: Higher Education, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs, Multicultural Education, Higher Education Management, Teaching & Learning