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Book Series

Routledge Research in International Law

The series offers a space for new and emerging scholars of international law to publish original arguments, as well as presenting alternative perspectives from more established names in international legal research. Works cover both the theory and practice of international law, presenting innovative analyses of the nature and state of international law itself as well as more specific studies within particular disciplines. The series will explore topics such as the changes to the international legal order, the processes of law-making and law-enforcement, as well as the range of actors in public international law. The books will take a variety of different methodological approaches to the subject including interdisciplinary, critical legal studies, feminist, and Third World approaches, as well as the sociology of international law. Looking at the past, present and future of international law the series reflects the current vitality and diversity of international legal scholarship.

New and Published Books

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  1. Public-Private Partnerships and Responsibility under International Law

    A Global Health Perspective

    By Lisa Clarke

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    Partnerships between the public and private sectors are an increasingly accepted method to deal with pressing global issues, such as those relating to health. Partnerships, comprised of states and international organizations (public sector) and companies, non-governmental organizations, research...

    Published March 12th 2014 by Routledge

  2. The Rise of Tamil Separatism in Sri Lanka

    From Communalism to Secession

    By Gnanapala Welhengama, Nirmala Pillay

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    Among the examples of civil wars, armed secessionist movements and minority uprisings in the world today, many involve conflict between a minority group’s aim for political self-determination, and the nation state’s resistance to any diminution of sovereignty. With the expansion of the...

    Published February 23rd 2014 by Routledge

  3. The United Nations and Collective Security

    By Gary Wilson

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    The role of the United Nations in collective security has been evolving since its inception in 1945. This book explores collective security as practiced within the legal framework provided by the United Nations Charter, with a particular focus upon activity undertaken under the auspices of the UN...

    Published January 19th 2014 by Routledge

  4. UNHCR and International Refugee Law

    From Treaties to Innovation

    By Corinne Lewis

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    This book considers the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ contribution to international refugee law since the establishment of UNHCR by the United Nations General Assembly in 1951. The book explores the historical and statutory foundations that create an indelible link between UNHCR...

    Published January 9th 2014 by Routledge

  5. International Law-making

    Essays in Honour of Jan Klabbers

    Edited by Rain Liivoja, Jarna Petman

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    This book explores law-making in international affairs and is compiled to celebrate the 50th birthday of Professor Jan Klabbers, a leading international law and international relations scholar who has made significant contributions to the understanding of the sources of international legal...

    Published December 16th 2013 by Routledge

  6. Resolving Claims to Self-Determination

    Is There a Role for the International Court of Justice?

    By Andrew Coleman

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    Since the end of World War Two and the formation of the UN, the nature of warfare has undergone changes with many wars being ‘intra-state’ wars, or wars of secession. Whilst wars of secession do not involve the same number or type of combatants as in the last two World Wars, their potential for...

    Published December 10th 2013 by Routledge

  7. Regional Maintenance of Peace and Security under International Law

    The Distorted Mirrors

    By Dace Winther

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    This book explores the scope and limits of what is appropriate for regional action in the maintenance of peace and security. It offers a comparative study of legal regulation of the use of force in the maintenance of peace and security of different security regions in the context of the UN system...

    Published October 28th 2013 by Routledge

  8. Criminal Responsibility for the Crime of Aggression

    By Patrycja Grzebyk

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    Since the Nuremberg trial, the crime of aggression has been considered one of the gravest international crimes. However, since the 1940s no defendants have been charged with this crime, with some states actively opposing the notion of punishing aggression. The option of trying an individual for...

    Published August 26th 2013 by Routledge

  9. The Law on the Use of Force

    A Feminist Analysis

    By Gina Heathcote

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    The book presents the international laws on the use of force whilst demonstrating the unique insight a feminist analysis offers this central area of international law. The book highlights key conceptual barriers to the enhanced application of the law of the use of force, and develops international...

    Published May 7th 2013 by Routledge

  10. International Law in a Multipolar World

    Edited by Matthew Happold

    Series: Routledge Research in International Law

    Since the creation of the United Nations in 1945, international law has sought to configure itself as a universal system. Yet, despite the best efforts of international institutions, scholars and others to assert theuniversal application of international law, its relevance and applicability has...

    Published April 14th 2013 by Routledge

Forthcoming Books

  1. Cultural Diversity in International Law: The Effectiveness of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions
    Edited by Lilian Richieri Hanania
    To Be Published April 24th 2014
  2. Resisting United Nations Security Council Resolutions
    By Sufyan Droubi
    To Be Published April 29th 2014
  3. The Changing Nature of Customary International Law: Methods of Interpreting the Concept of Custom in International Criminal Tribunals
    By Noora Arajärvi
    To Be Published May 5th 2014
  4. Means of Transportation and Registration of Nationality: Transportation Registered by International Organizations
    By Vincent P. Cogliati-Bantz
    To Be Published June 14th 2014
  5. Justice for Victims before the International Criminal Court
    By Luke Moffett
    To Be Published June 25th 2014
  6. Asian Approaches to International Law and the Legacy of Colonialism: The Law of the Sea, Territorial Disputes and International Dispute Settlement
    Edited by Jin-Hyun Paik, Seok-Woo Lee, Kevin Y. L. Tan
    To Be Published June 26th 2014
  7. Incitement in International Law
    By Wibke K. Timmermann
    To Be Published August 3rd 2014
  8. International Law and Boundary Disputes in Africa
    By Gbenga Oduntan
    To Be Published October 14th 2014
  9. Technology and the Law on the Use of Force: New Security Challenges in the Twenty First Century
    By Jackson Maogoto
    To Be Published October 31st 2014
  10. The Cuban Embargo under International Law: El Bloqueo
    By Nigel D. White
    To Be Published November 30th 2014

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