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Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

Series Editor: Ken P Chong, Perumalsamy Balaguru

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  1. Structural Optimization

    Dynamic and Seismic Applications

    By Franklin Y. Cheng, Kevin Z. Truman

    Series: Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

    Today’s biggest structural engineering challenge is to design better structures, and a key issue is the need to take an integrated approach which balances control of costs with the requirement for handling earthquakes and other dynamic forces. Structural optimization is based on rigorous...

    Published June 17th 2010 by CRC Press

  2. FRP Composites for Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures

    A Guide to Fundamentals and Design for Repair and Retrofit

    By Perumalsamy Balaguru, Antonio Nanni, James Giancaspro

    Series: Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

    High strength fibre composites (FRPs) have been used with civil structures since the 1980s, mostly in the repair, strengthening and retrofitting of concrete structures. This has attracted considerable research, and the industry has expanded exponentially in the last decade. Design guidelines have...

    Published November 5th 2008 by CRC Press

  3. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics for Engineers

    By Paolo L. Gatti

    Series: Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

    Probability Theory and Statistical Methods for Engineers brings together probability theory with the more practical applications of statistics, bridging theory and practice. It gives a series of methods or recipes which can be applied to specific problems.This book is essential reading for...

    Published November 11th 2004 by CRC Press

  4. Innovative Shear Design

    By Hrista Stamenkovic

    Series: Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

    Innovative Shear Design presents a new, rational and economical design procedure that offers increased protection against shear for all types of structures. The first part of the book describes the internal forces imposed on any flexurally bent member, and goes on to describe how these can interact...

    Published February 21st 2002 by CRC Press

  5. Modeling and Simulation Based Life-Cycle Engineering

    By Ken Chong, Harold S. Morgan, Sunil Saigal, Stefan Thynell

    Series: Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

    Advances in computational power have facilitated the development of simulations unprecedented in their computational size, scope of technical issues, spatial and temporal resolution, complexity and comprehensiveness. As a result, complex structures from airplanes to bridges can be almost completely...

    Published December 20th 2001 by CRC Press

  6. Structural Stability in Engineering Practice

    By Lajos Kollar

    Series: Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

    Structural Stability in Engineering Practice elucidates the various problems associated with attaining stability, and provides the results for practical use by the design engineer. By presenting a simple and visual description of the physical phenomena, the authors show how to determine the...

    Published June 24th 1999 by CRC Press

  7. Earthquake Engineering

    By Y-X. Hu, S-C. Liu, W. Dong

    Series: Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

    A unified presentation of engineering seismology and earthquake-resistant design, this book presents a wide ranging coverage of the whole subject of earthquake engineering so that the reader is given a clear appreciation of earthquakes before dealing with their effects on structures. In addition,...

    Published July 18th 1996 by CRC Press

  8. Composite Structures for Civil and Architectural Engineering

    By D-H Kim

    Series: Structural Engineering: Mechanics and Design

    A thorough and understandable guide to the properties and design of structural composites. It derives from the author's many years of experience of research, industrial development and teaching....

    Published December 1st 1994 by CRC Press

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