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  1. 5 Minutes with Kate Fletcher

    "I'm not sure I can ever remember not being engaged with fashion nor sustainability. Growing up in a family of community activists in inner city Liverpool in the bleak years of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain, it was impossible to avoid direct experience of the necessity of change. As was (for me at any rate), the practice of making clothes."

  2. Simon Unwin Chats with Routledge about the 4th Edition of Analysing Architecture

    "Traditional Japanese creativity has the concept of 'kaizen' or 'endless improvement', which recognises that although perfection might always be out of reach, things can be made better, gradually, bit by bit."

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New Titles

  1. Publishing Highlights April 2014

    With so many great titles publishing this month it has been impossible to give them all the justice they deserve in our April Environment & Sustainability eBulletin, so to be sure you don't miss out you can find them all here.

    You can also view all of our new 2014 titles in our Environment & Sustainability Catalog here.

  2. Publishing Highlights March 2014

    With so many great titles publishing this month it has been impossible to give them all the justice they deserve in our March eBulletin, so to be sure you don't miss out you can find them all here.

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  1. Routledge Chats with Kjell Anderson about Design Energy Simulation for Architects

    "While a handful of architecture firms have measured the performance of their designs and occupied buildings in the past, this is a rapidly growing trend.  Firms are simulating during design, asking for earlier engagement of energy analysts, and going back to check on completed buildings.  Performance, in this case, can refer to overall energy use, thermal comfort, daylight levels, occupant satisfaction, usage patterns, etc.  Their simulation results from early and late design are being compared against post-occupancy results, leading to a more informed design process."

  2. Specifying Minor Works authors chat with Routledge

    "One of the principal problems faced by property owners who are lay persons (i.e. in regard to property and construction matters) is not necessarily that they do not know all of the answers, but that they do not know all of the questions that they should be asking."

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Research & Reference

  1. Routledge Research in Architecture series

    The Routledge Research in Architecture series provides the reader with the latest scholarship in the field of architecture. The series publishes research from across the globe and covers areas as diverse as architectural history and theory, technology, digital architecture, structures, materials, details, design, monographs of architects, interior design and much more. By making these studies available to the worldwide academic community, the series aims to promote quality architectural research.

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  2. NEW Routledge Reference Catalog now available online

    In 2014 our reference publication schedule continues to flourish through a variety of publishing programmes including Routledge Major Works, Routledge Library Editions, and Handbooks & Companions and Europa series.

    In Architecture, Buildings & Construction and Landscape this year we see introduction of three new Major Work series.They collate the most influential scholarship, with collections edited by experts in the field.

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General Interest

  1. The Street as Public Space: a complex and contested realm

    We are pleased to present a new Routledge Sustainability blog post written byVikas Mehta, PhD, author of The Street.

    With a new entry every fortnight, blog posts written by various Routledge authors will be displayed both on the Routledge website and on our Facebook page. Each post within Facebook will be open to comments so please feel free to voice your thoughts! You can view all of our past blog posts here.

  2. Join us at CELA 2014!

    Routledge is delighted to announce that we will be attending the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Conference (CELA) this month.

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  1. Interview with Bruce F. Seifer, author of Sustainable Communities

    Bruce F. Seifer, one of the authors of Sustainable Communities: Creating a Durable Local Economy, was recently interviewed on Vermont Public Radio. He discusses what makes a community sustainable, as well as how Burlington has worked to develop its economy, environment and culture over the last 30 years. Tune in here!

  2. Zoology News From Books

    Explore the latest published and upcoming titles related to zoology...

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Many of our key textbooks and course books have companion websites that provide additional resources to educators and students such as; information, downloads, tools and supplemental materials for the books they accompany.
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  1. Climate Change

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  2. Catalog Cover

    Earth Day

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  3. Energy

    New and Key titles 2014

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    New Titles and Key Backlist 2013

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    New Titles and Key Backlist 2013-2014

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Conferences, exhibits and events we will be attending in the near future

April 2014

Apr 10 ~ Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) 2014
Apr 26 ~ American Planning Association (APA) 2014

May 2014

May 7 ~ Greenbuild Expo 2014
May 12 ~ Adaptation Futures (CAF) 2014
May 28 ~ Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) 2014

June 2014

Jun 4 ~ Intersolar Europe (INTER) 2014
Jun 4 ~ Renewable Energy World Europe 2014
Jun 18 ~ European Urban Research Association (EURA) 2014
Jun 24 ~ RTPI Planning Convention 2014
Jun 25 ~ European Real Estate Society (ERES) 2014

July 2014

Jul 1 ~ Norwich Conference on Earth System Governance 2014
Jul 8 ~ Intersolar North America (ISNA) 2014
Jul 9 ~ Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) 2014

August 2014

Aug 3 ~ World Renewable Energy Network/Congress (WREC) 2014
Aug 27 ~ 5th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions (IST) 2014

September 2014

Sep 1 ~ Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) 2014
Sep 1 ~ EcoCity World Summit 2014
Sep 21 ~ European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) Conference
Sep 23 ~ 29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) 2014

October 2014

Oct 5 ~ World Congress (IUFRO) 2014
Oct 22 ~ Greenbuild Expo 2014
Oct 22 ~ Sustainibility Science Congress (IARU) 2014
Oct 26 ~ The Association for Preservation Techonology International (APTI) 2014
Oct 28 ~ Sustainable Building (SB14) 2014
Oct 30 ~ The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) 2014

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