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Welcome to the Medical Law Online Catalogue, which showcases all our titles available in the area of Medicine, Healthcare and Medical Ethics Law. Ranging from textbooks and revision materials for students, to key texts for studying practitioners and also academic research titles.

Highlights include The Routledge Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics, written by international experts to provide authoritative and comprehensive reference for key areas of Medical Law and also the highly influential research series, The Biomedical Law and Ethics Library, which offers original, and at times, controversial, critical analysis and commentary.

This catalogue is updated regularly, so bookmark and browse at your convenience. You can also take advantage of the “View Inside This Book Button” available for some of books which allows you to access a free preview.

Featured Titles

  1. Routledge Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics

    Edited by Yann Joly, Bartha Maria Knoppers

    This book explores the scope, application and role of medical law, regulatory norms and ethics, and addresses key challenges introduced by contemporary advances in biomedical research and healthcare. While mindful of national developments, the handbook supports a global perspective in its approach...

    Published August 29th 2014 by Routledge

  2. Text, Cases and Materials on Medical Law and Ethics

    4th Edition

    By Marc Stauch, Kay Wheat

    Text, Cases & Materials on Medical Law and Ethics presents a valuable collection of materials relating to this topical and increasingly controversial area of the law. Comprising extracts from statutes, cases and scholarly articles alongside expert author commentary and guidance, Medical Law and...

    Published July 11th 2011 by Routledge

  3. The Voices and Rooms of European Bioethics

    Edited by Richard Huxtable, Ruud ter Meulen

    Series: Biomedical Law and Ethics Library

    This book reflects on the many contributions made in and to European bioethics to date, in various locations, and from various disciplinary perspectives. In so doing, the book advances understanding of the academic and social status of European bioethics as it is being supported and practiced by...

    To Be Published May 7th 2015 by Routledge

  4. Saviour Siblings

    A Relational Approach to the Welfare of the Child in Selective Reproduction

    By Michelle Taylor-Sands

    Series: Biomedical Law and Ethics Library

    Genetic screening technologies involving pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) raise particular issues about selective reproduction and the welfare of the child to be born. How does selection impact on the identity of the child who is born? Are children who are selected for a particular purpose...

    Published October 16th 2013 by Routledge

  5. 100 Cases in Clinical Ethics and Law

    By Carolyn Johnston, Penelope Bradbury

    Series: 100 Cases

    A 70-year-old woman bed-bound following a stroke has developed bronchopneumonia, but her daughter produces an advance directive that she says her mother has written, which states that no life-sustaining treatment is to be given. How are you going to proceed?A practical guide on how to approach the...

    Published April 25th 2008 by CRC Press

  6. Mental Health Law 2E A Practical Guide

    2nd Edition

    By Basant Puri, Robert Brown, Heather McKee, Ian Treasaden

    Completely updated to reflect current changes in the law and in practice, Mental Health Law: A Practical Guide is a concise and approachable handbook to mental health law for students and professionals working in psychiatric settings. Easy-to-read, practical, and illustrated with case examples...

    Published April 27th 2012 by CRC Press