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On these pages you will find information on the Routledge list which covers Childhood, Classroom Practice, Early Years, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs, Open & Distance Education and eLearning, Philosophy of Education, Primary/Elementary Education, Teachers & Teacher Education, Theory of Education and more in the subject of Education.

There is also information on books for students and series, as well as access to our online catalog and contact information.

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  1. Science Teaching, 20th Anniversary Revised and Expanded Edition

    Science Teaching
    The Contribution of History and Philosophy of Science, 20th Anniversary Revised and Expanded Edition
    By Michael R. Matthews 

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    "This is a transformative book. It provides an enlightening cartography of the uses of history and philosophy in the science classroom. No one interested in science teaching or science culture should be without a copy of this updated classic."--Alberto Cordero, Philosophy Program, The CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College CUNY, USA 

  2. English L2 Reading, 3rd Edition

    English L2 Reading
    Getting to the Bottom, 3rd Edition
    By Barbara M. Birch
    Series: ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series 

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    "This is a book that really gets to ‘the bottom’. It unpacks what is meant by the term and demonstrates explicitly why bottom up knowledge is important and what its components are. It’s a book I’d been seeking for a long while. English L2 Reading provides us with specific information on how to teach L2 learners through showing us how language awareness is critical for teaching L2 English reading." --Vanessa Wenzell, California State University Dominguez Hills, USA 

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New Titles

  1. Just Published: Teaching Psychology

    This volume provides thoroughly updated guidelines for preparing and teaching an entire course in psychology. Based on best principles and effective psychological and pedagogical research, it offers practical suggestions for planning a course, choosing teaching methods, integrating technology appropriately and effectively, developing student evaluation instruments and programs, and ideas for evaluation of your own teaching effectiveness. 

  2. New Books in July 2014

    Read on to browse all of our new books publishing this month...   

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  1. Introducing the Internationalization in Higher Education Series

    Series Editor: Elspeth Jones
    In recent years internationalization has become of vital concern in Higher Education and all indications are that this will be increasingly the case. Globalization, privatization and mobility of students seeking internationally accredited qualifications relevant to a globaly-mobile workforce are increasing the pressure on institutions around the world to take action in internationalizing curriculums and professional practice...

  2. Jessica Bennett is our Routledge Eye On Education Author of the Month for May!

    Jessica Bennett, author of the recently published Common Core in the Content Areas: Balancing Content and Literacy, is our May author of the month! Read on to learn more about Jessica, her new book, and to find out how she'll be spending her summer vacation!

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Research & Reference

  1. New - Understanding the Constructions of Identities by Young New Europeans

    How do young people construct their identities in the complexity of their own country, belonging to the European Union, and being part of global society? This book is based on a unique empirical study of a thousand young people from fifteen European countries. Alistair Ross offers an original contribution to the literature on identities, providing a wealth of cross-national data and a range of theoretical possibilities across a group of related disciplinary areas.

  2. New: Critical Education – a 4-volume Major Work

    Challenging and complex questions around inequality and power have persisted within modern systems of education since their inception. In the last four or five decades, the vibrant field of critical education has developed and grown in response to such issues. Critical Education, a new 4-volume Major Work in the Routledge Major Themes in Education series, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to enable users to map and make sense of critical approaches to education.

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General Interest

  1. Routledge Education 2014 Summer Reading List - What’s on your List?

    If you're like us, you have a list of books you want to read by summer's end. With that said, we’ve put together a selection of new and exciting titles that we think are perfect to add to your Summer Reading List. 

  2. Series of the Month, June 2014: Routledge Research in Education

    This series aims to present the latest research from right across the field of education. It is not confined to any particular area or school of thought and seeks to provide coverage of a broad range of topics, theories and issues from around the world. 

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  1. Routledge Education Authors of the Month July 2014: Stephen J. Quaye & Shaun R. Harper

    Stephen John Quaye and Shaun R. Harper are co-editors of the popular title Student Engagement in Higher Education: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Approaches for Diverse Populations. A new, second edition of this work will be released by Routledge in August 2014. 

  2. Routledge Education 2014 Summer Reading List - What’s on your List?

    If you're like us, you have a list of books you want to read by summer's end. With that said, we’ve put together a selection of new and exciting titles that we think are perfect to add to your Summer Reading List. 

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