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Routledge Education Author of the Month October 2013: Hal Lyon

Harold Lyon is former US Director of Education for the Gifted, project officer for the development of Sesame Street, assistant to the president of Ohio University, has served on the faculties of Georgetown, Antioch, Dartmouth Medical School, Notre Dame College, Universities of Massachusetts, and Munich where he currently teaches physicians to be more effective teachers. He received the Gold Medal in the 32nd International Film & TV Festival of New York, a CINDY Award, and the Blue Ribbon in the American Film & Video Festival.

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Hal’s latest work, On Becoming an Effective Teacher, is the final unpublished works of his famous two co-authors, Carl Rogers and Reinhard Tausch and as such has important historical value from the large group of followers of Rogers internationally, as well as in Germany among followers of Tausch, the German Father of Person-centered teaching and psychology, whose last text book, Experimental Psychology sold over 170,000 copies.

The dialogues between Rogers and Lyon offer a unique and timeless perspective on teaching, counseling, and learning. This pioneering book, published last month, is highly relevant to educators, teachers, psychologists, researchers, and parents, as well as those in undergraduate and graduate university courses in education, teacher training, counseling, psychology, and educational psychology.

Although Hal’s work as a psychologist and educator is less well-known than that of his two co-authors, the decade spent as National Director of Education for the Gifted & Talented, and as an earlier pioneer in the development of Sesame Street, have provided him with a diverse history of contributions.

This new book presents the results of the largest field studies ever done at all levels of education in 42 U.S. States and seven countries and shows how the recent huge meta-analyses of John Hattie and Cornelius-White corroborate this earlier research showing that empathy, caring about students, and genuineness in teachers results in higher achievement, less violence, more creativity, and many other positive outcomes for students of person-centered teachers. And the book brings in contemporary successful experiments such as Teach For America, as exemplary current examples of person-centered teaching at its best working miracles raising grade-levels of inner city and rural students.

Hal Lyon’s past books include Learning to Feel - Feeling to Learn (Charles Merrill- foreword by Carl Rogers); It's Me & I'm Here! (Delacorte -- Foreword by Carl Rogers); Tenderness Is Strength (Harper & Row - Foreword by John Denver); and Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit (Deep Waters Press - voted "Best Book of the Year" by the New England Outdoor Writer's Association).

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