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  1. Interview with Stephen B. Richards and Michael P. Brady: Cognitive and Intellectual Disabilities

    Stephen B. Richards, Ed.D. is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Undergraduate Intervention Specialist Program in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Dayton, USA. 
    Michael P. Brady, Ph.D. is Professor and Chair of the Department of Exceptional Student Education at Florida Atlantic University, USA. 

    To learn more about their new textbook, please click here.

  2. October is Connected Educators Month

    Learn more about Connected Educators Month at and by following #CE14 on Twitter!

  3. Playing and Learning Outdoors by Jan White - Wins Nursery World Award

    Nursery World have awarded their Equipment - Staff Resources award to Jan Whites 'Playing and Learning Outdoors'.

  4. A.J. Juliani - Routledge EOE Author of the Month: October

    A.J. Juliani, author of June's Inquiry & Innovation in the Classrom and co-founder of Classroom Cribs, is our Routledge Eye On Education Author of the Month for October! Click through to learn more about A.J. and his new book "for teachers, leaders, and parents who want an educational experience for their own children and students that involves choice"!

  5. 5 Ways Head Teachers Can Set a Positive Tone for the New School Year

    To help you start off on the right foot for the school year ahead, here are 5 top tips you can't do without. 

  6. October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

    October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month in the United States. We've posted a selection of books that we think can help you to prevent bullying in your school.

  7. New Books in October 2014

    Read on to browse all of our new books publishing this month...

  8. Routledge Education Author of the Month October 2014: Dr. Norman Lederman

    Dr. Norman Lederman is the editor of the Handbook of Research on Science Education Volume I and Volume II, which just published in June 2014. He  is the Chair and Professor of Mathematics and Science Education at the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

  9. Interview with Stephen John Quaye and Shaun R. Harper: Student Engagement in Higher Education, 2e!

    Stephen John Quaye is on the faculty in the Student Affairs in Higher Education Program at Miami University. Shaun R. Harper is on the faculty in the Graduate School of Education and Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania. 

    To learn more about their new textbook, please click here.

  10. October 2014 Textbook of the Month: Social Studies for Secondary Schools, 4th Edition

    Social Studies for Secondary Schools
    Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach, 4th Edition
    By Alan J. Singer 

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