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Tammy L. Jones

An educator since 1979, Tammy L. Jones has worked with students from first grade through college. Currently, Tammy is consulting with individual school districts in training mathematics teachers on effective techniques for being successful in the mathematics classroom. As a classroom teacher Tammy’s goal was that all students understand and appreciate the mathematics they were studying; that they could read it, write it, explore it, and communicate it with confidence; and that they would be able to use mathematics as they need to in their lives. She believes that problem solving, followed by a well-reasoned presentation of results, is central to the process of learning mathematics, and that this learning happens most effectively in a cooperative, student-centered classroom. Tammy believes that mathematics is experiential and in her current consulting work creates and shares mathematical experiences.

A lifelong learner, Tammy is an active member in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and its Tennessee affiliates as well as a T3 Instructor for Texas Instruments. Having served on the Mathematics Feedback Group for the Common Core Standards gave Tammy a unique perspective on the development of the Standards and allowed special insight into the development of this series.


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