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On these pages you will find information on the Routledge list which covers African History, American History, British History, European History, Intellectual History, Legal History, Medieval History 400-1500, Political History, Religious History, The Cold War and more in the subject of History.

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Featured news and products from Routledge History


  1. Featured Title: Atlas of Islamic History

    The Atlas of Islamic History, by Peter Sluglett and Andrew Currie is due to publish in November. Providing an outline of Islamic history from the immediately pre-Islamic period until the early 1900s, this atlas uses the most up-to-date cartographic and innovative design techniques, to illuminate the history of Islam.

  2. David Rollason on How the Study of Early Medieval Europe Can Extend Far Beyond the Classroom

    Teaching history at the university level does not have to be limited to a broad chronological framework.

    David Rollason, author of Early Medieval Europe 300-1050: The Birth of Western Society, discusses the larger aims of teaching history and how the study of early medieval Europe can help students not only in the classroom but also in future studies. Read the full article here.

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Research & Reference

  1. A History of the Workplace: Environment and Health at Stake

    Routledge is delighted to announce that A History of the Workplace: Environment and Health at Stake, a special issue of  the European Review of History, has published. 

    Learn more. 

  2. The Routledge Handbook of American Military and Diplomatic History, The Colonial Period to 1877

     “Combining historiographical overviews by leading scholars and original essays by both established and up-and-coming historians, the Handbook is an indispensible resource for anyone in the business of teaching or writing early American military history. Anyone interested in America’s military past, however, will find this well-edited collection accessible and fascinating.”

    —John W. Hall, author of Uncommon Defense: Indian Allies in the Black Hawk War

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General Interest

  1. Sallie Ketcham on the life and legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder

    "By the time she began writing her groundbreaking Little House series for children, she had already subsisted on frozen bear meat, witnessed the forced removal of the Osages, sewed shirts to survive, taught school at fifteen, hand-harvested wheat, delivered two children in a shanty, raised and decapitated her beloved prize chickens, cleared a Missouri farm with a crosscut saw, founded a local literary society and watched the frontier pass before her eyes." 

    Sallie Ketcham, author of Laura Ingalls Wilder: American Writer on the Prairie, discusses her research, the historical importance of literature, and the legacy of the beloved literary icon. Read more. 

  2. Author Michael A. Mullett on Martin Luther and the art of the biography

    Michael A. Mullett, author of Martin Luther dicsusses his research, the life of Martin Luther, and the unique challenges of writing a biograhphy. 

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  1. Author David Ulbrich Interviewed on “MidPoint”

    David Ulbrich, co-author of Ways of War, was interviewed this week on the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.

    Watch the interview here.

  2. Interview with Martin Thomas, author of Expedition into Empire

    Author Martin Thomas discusses his research and how his book, Expedition into Empire: Exploratory Journeys and the Making of the Modern World,  illuminates the whole notion of an expedition  to spark new and more critical dialog.

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