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Informa Law books are published by Routledge. They provide commentary and case law analysis to support the needs of your business. Offering high-quality and practical books in the areas of: Maritime, Commercial, Dispute Resolution,Construction, Insurance and Transport Law, written by eminent lawyers and industry experts.

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New Titles

  1. Injunctive Relief and International Arbitration

    This book explores from an English law and Institutional perspective the various types of injunctive relief that are available to a party before and during arbitral proceedings.  In particular, this book examines the basis of the power of English Courts to grant such injunctions and explains when such injunctions will be granted.

  2. Marine Insurance Fraud

    A comprehensive and coherent legal analysis of the impact of fraud on the position of various parties to a marine insurance contract, as well as the cover provided by standard marine policies. The issues under discussion in this invaluable guide are also equally relevant in the context of non-marine insurance contracts.

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  1. Free to View August

    Throughout the month of August we are opening up a wide range of books to read - for FREE!  Titles included, cover: Maritime, Commercial, Construction, Arbitration, Insurance and Transport Law, written by eminent lawyers and industry experts. 

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  2. NEW AREA - Handbook of Social Media and the Law

    This unique book is the first to consider the significant legal developments that have arisen due to social media. The author provides an expert explanation of the issues that practitioners and businesses need to consider, and which special measures are required in order to minimize their exposure to risk.

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General Interest

  1. Time Charters 7th Edition

    Publishing August 2014

    Acclaimed as the standard reference work on the law relating to time charters, this new edition provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject, accessible and useful both to shipping lawyers and to shipowners, charterers, P&I Clubs and other insurers.

  2. Voyage Charters 4th Edition

    Publishing August 2014

    Widely regarded as the leading authority on voyage charters, this book is the most comprehensive and intellectually-rigorous analysis of the area, is regularly cited in court and by arbitrators, and is the go-to guide for drafting and disputing charterparty contracts.

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  1. NEW Professional Law Online Catalog

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    All our professional law titles in one easy to browse place - you can set up book lists, and even forward lists and order forms to colleagues.

  2. Professional Law Book Reviews

    View full book reviews from influential scholars and professionals and key journals for Informa Law titles.

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Informa Law also provides premium market intelligence covering the Legal, Insurance, Finance and Banking sectors in a variety of other sources and delivery mechanisms to suit your needs.

From monthly newsletters and reports, to the online service, which incorporates Lloyd’s Law Reports, with headnotes and judgments going back to 1919, our range of offerings has something for everyone.

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The Informa Law from Routledge list is rooted in maritime and commercial law from its close links with Lloyd’s List, the daily news service established back in 1734. Publishing titles in Commercial, Construction, Insurance, Maritime and Transport Law, Informa Law from Routledge provides unbiased commentary, analysis and case reporting to support the needs of your business and clients. Routledge was founded in 1836, and since the early years of the twentieth century it has focused on book and journal publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The result is an exceptional list which includes books by many of the greatest thinkers and scholars of the last hundred years, including Adorno, Einstein, Russell, Popper, Wittgenstein, Jung, Bohm, Hayek, McLuhan, and Sartre. We take pride in the range and strength of our backlist, which we continue to publish and promote in a wide range of formats. Publish with us, and you join this prestigious family of books.

The Publishing Team – what we can offer:
  • Dedicated and experienced subject editors who will review and provide feedback on your initial proposal
  • Global distribution and marketing. We have a strong international presence, and our sales reach deeply into markets in the US, the UK and the rest of the world. . Our editorial and marketing teams in the US and UK work very closely to ensure your book gets the right exposure
  • A global marketing plan, including direct mail, electronic and web marketing, advertising, review mailing and conference representation
  • A dedicated international sales team, with offices in Europe, Singapore, India and China
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable sales teams in the US and UK, selling directly to practitioners, librarians, instructors, bookshops, wholesalers, online retailers, library suppliers and specialist accounts
  • Quality design and production values. Using the latest technology, our books are produced efficiently, quickly and attractively
  • eBooks. We know how important it is to provide content in a format that customers want. Routledge has an extensive eBooks programme, with new titles being added daily
  • Translation rights. Our rights team will manage translation rights on your behalf dealing with publishers from around the globe.
Submitting a Book Proposal

The proposal you submit will be the basis on which we judge the book's suitability for publication. Therefore it needs to be organised in a way that provides the right information to us and to referees.
The following notes should help you prepare your proposal, and your cooperation in following our recommendations will ease the task of evaluation:

Proposal Guidelines for Professional Law

This may be supplemented by two sample chapters and a curriculum vitae, if available. If you've completed a draft manuscript, please indicate this in your proposal. Please do not, however, send in an unsolicited draft manuscript as your initial correspondence. After reviewing your proposal, a commissioning editor will determine whether you should submit a full manuscript. Please send your proposal and any accompanying material by email to Faye Mousley or Joshua Wells.

Preparing your manuscript

If your proposal is accepted, the following guidelines for professional law authors should help shape your writing towards market needs:

Guidelines for Professional Law Authors

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