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The results are in! Our Open Access survey receives nearly 15,000 responses

Open Access survey

Almost 15,000 journal authors responded to our recent Open Access survey, conducted by our lovely brothers and sisters in Taylor & Francis Journals. The survey touched on a range of important questions, including peer review, licensing, re-use and metrics. Read the full report here.

The results are in! Our Open Access survey receives nearly 15,000 responses

We are delighted to publish the findings of our record-breaking Open Access survey, run by our brothers and sisters in Taylor & Francis Journals. This survey, circulated in the final weeks of 2012 leading into early 2013, was the largest single survey conducted by our Research & Businesses Intelligence Department to date, receiving over 14,700 responses. We asked the Taylor & Francis author community, which includes authors of Routledge Journals, for their views on Open Access publishing and their level of involvement with it.

Why did we carry out this survey?

Our motivation was a genuine curiosity about the views of our authors towards Open Access, and many related topics, such as peer review, licensing, re-use and metrics.

The Open Access environment has been developing at an extraordinary rate, and we wanted to ensure we had an up-to-date understanding of our authors’ views and needs in response to these changes, in order to adapt our services and policies accordingly. We have long-standing experience of sending out surveys on a number of topics to authors, editors and society partners and believe that this is a very effective way of receiving rapid feedback from those communities.

Taylor & Francis Open Access surveyOverwhelming response

The response to the survey was overwhelming, with nearly 15,000 authors emailing back, answering most, if not all, of the 24 questions. As you can see from the adjacent world map image, the global spread of respondents was pretty good. The responses produced some very interesting findings. Click on the link below to access the report.

We wanted to make the results of the survey available for all to read and so have produced a PDF document providing charts showing the raw results from all the questions in the survey along with details about the survey population and resulting sample. This is provided under a creative commons attribution license.

Read the full report here: