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Frankfurt News: Book Launch for ‘UK Economy: the crisis in perspective’

UK Economy: the crisis in perspective - book launch

Everyone loves a book launch! And we are very excited about the impending launch of our new book, UK Economy: the crisis in perspective, which we have published in association with the European Commission.The launch will take place on Thursday 13th October at the EU stand. Read on for the full low down

The global financial crisis, which began in 2007, was probably the biggest shock to hit the UK economy in living memory. Since the beginning of this crisis, much has happened that might previously have been thought impossible, including the virtual nationalization of two of the UK’s largest banks, Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group. These momentous events have demanded a fundamental reworking of the traditional analysis of the UK economy.

The new title from Routledge, UK Economy: the crisis in perspective, offers a radical new anaylsis of the British economic system. The book, which will be published in November, discusses prospects for the floundering UK economy, and looks at recent fiscal policy and its impact on growth and wealth distribution. It also assesses monetary policy and the Bank of England's unprecedented stimulus program.

UK Economy: the crisis in perspective will be published in conjunction with the European Commission. To mark its publication, the EU has kindly offered to host a book launch for the title at its stand, on the Thursday of the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair. The date is the 13th of October and the launch will take place from 2:30pm (German time) at stand G425 in Hall 4. So please swing by to learn more about the book, grab a glass of something bubbly and have a chat with some of the editors, who will be happy to discuss the current economic situation in the UK and EU in general.

UK Economy: the crisis in perspective will be published on the 17th November 2011. You can learn more about the book here or you can recommend it to your librarian.

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