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Welcome to our David Fulton website. With Routledge and David Fulton books all under one roof, we can offer an unrivalled collection of high-quality practical and professional books for teachers, students teachers, teaching assistants and other education professionals.

On these pages you will find information on the Routledge list which covers Classroom Practice, Early Years, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs, Primary/Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Continuing Professional Development, Teaching Assistants, and more in the subject of Education.

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New Titles

  1. Get ready to…Jumpstart!

    The bestselling Jumpstart! books contain ‘quick-figure' ideas that could be used as warm-ups and starters as well as possibly extended into lessons. There are more than 50 games and activities for Key Stage 1 or 2 classrooms that are practical, easy-to-do and vastly entertaining. The ‘jumpstarts’ will appeal to busy teachers in any primary classroom for subjects such as Literacy, Numeracy, Drama, Science, Storymaking, Poetry, Creativity, ICT and most recently in the series - French and German.

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  2. Playing Outside

    Playing Outside provides clear and detailed guidance on all aspects of outdoor play illustrated with over 100 color photographs. This new edition has been fully updated throughout to incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage and includes completely new photographs, case studies and ideas for resources. Read more

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  1. David Fulton/nasen series

    NASEN WebsiteThe partnership between David Fulton and nasen was established to ensure that relevant, up-to-date and diverse publications were available for schools and to professionals working within the field of special educational needs. These publications ensure that the best provision and practice is shared, enabling teachers and support staff to provide the best educational opportunities for all children and young people with SEN and disabilities. View all books in series here

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  1. Let’s Write

    Let’s Write offers a wealth of suggestions for approaches to developing primary school pupils’ writing skills that will capture the children’s interest, while enabling them to improve their ability to express themselves in writing. It aims to meet the requirements of the new national curriculum for English at KS2 in a way that will develop the children’s standard of writing by presenting activities that they will find enjoyable and stimulating. Read more

  2. Write Out of the Classroom

    Write Out of the Classroom is a ground-breaking, highly practical book which provides teachers and creative writing tutors with great ways of tapping into the huge inspirational and educational potential of the richly diverse world beyond the classroom walls. Read more

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General Interest

  1. 5 Ways Head Teachers Can Set a Positive Tone for the New School Year

    To help you start off on the right foot for the school year ahead, here are 5 top tips you can't do without. 

  2. Books to help students become brilliant spellers

    New and key titles to help teachers uncover spelling strategies that can greatly improve their students' abilities and confidence. These books tackle strategy, method, spelling habits and encourage teamwork by utilizing activities in the classroom. Take a look!

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  1. Congratulations Tom Bennett!

    Teacher Proof author, Tom Bennett, has been nominated as one of the only two UK teachers to be in the running for the 'World's Best Teacher' prize.

  2. New Catalog - Focus on Literacy

    This online catalog features new books on Literacy from Routledge.

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The Complete Resource File For Behaviour Management in Schools

Written by a highly experienced educational psychologist who has delivered behaviour management solutions to schools for over 30 years, The Complete Resource File For Behaviour Management in Schools empowers any school, primary or secondary to set up its own tried and tested behaviour management programme for a fraction of the cost of consultancy delivered training.

This indispensable whole school resource provides expert guidance and instruction covering 30 modules dealing with all aspects of behaviour management from whole school policy to classroom management. Each module is organised around four key constructs - communication, motivation, correction and organisation and detailed advice is given on the crucial areas of classroom practice, pupil support, staff support and monitoring and evaluation. Areas covered include but are not limited to:-

  • classroom management, dealing with difficult classes, working with supply teachers and TAs;
  • corridor behaviour, bullying, lunchtime behaviour;
  • Individual Behaviour Programmes;
  • staff support and well-being;
  • pupil anxiety, stress and anger management;
  • auditing, planning and data analysis.

All modules are on a CD-ROM containing over 900 PowerPoint slides. Each slide is accompanied by background notes, overviews and hints and tips to aid delivery. A durable ring-binder also accompanies the CD-ROM providing detailed background notes to explain the theory. Vignettes and examples drawn from schools of all types illustrate successful intervention and an overview of each module offers summaries, guidance on age appropriateness and examples of the desired outcomes of each module...

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The Complete Citizenship Resource File
A comprehensive programme for Years 7-11

by By Andrew McCallum

The Complete Citizenship Resource File is the comprehensive resource pack for teaching Citizenship Education from Years 7 to 11. It contains everything you need to teach lively and engaging lessons that encourage students to take an interest in topical and controversial issues and actively involve themselves in discussion and debate. With a focus on local, national and global perspectives, students are given opportunities to consider the context of their own lives in relation to those of others, therefore developing their sense of social justice as they come to a greater understanding of their world and the worlds of others.

Covering a wide range of topical political, spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues, problems and events, this highly practical resource:

  • Covers the entire Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Citizenship Curriculum;
  • Does your medium and short-term planning for you;
  • Is Citizenship rather than PSHE focused;
  • Deals with the big political issues of the day;
  • Is easily adaptable for use within your own SOWs;
  • Can be used as part of ongoing project work;

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Teaching English as an Additional Language 5-11 Resource File

Teaching English as an Additional Language Ages 5-11 is designed to support every 5-11 year old child new to the English language who is beginning their education in an English speaking mainstream curriculum. It provides teachers with the tools needed to support young learners’ survival language needs and help them achieve a smooth transition into their new learning environment.

Packed full of advice, guidance, resources and support for teachers managing beginners to the English language in the mainstream English speaking school, it also includes:

  • 68 flexible sessions for children to learn survival language - sessions are based on assessment for learning and can be adapted easily into weekly lesson plans;
  • A DVD to support each session containing visuals of commonly used vocabulary;
  • Audio examples of English language word pronunciation and sentence structures;
  • Fully downloadable worksheets and lesson plans.
  • The text offers expert guidance on:
  • Strategies to help EAL new arrivals embrace their new cultural experience;
  • Assessing the EAL new arrivals in their English language skills;
  • Teaching EAL new arrivals to use a second language writing system;
  • Delivering survival language intervention sessions;
  • Developing effective language learning strategies;

This flexible and user-friendly resource can be used with the English National Curriculum, International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), and other English speaking curricula. It will be a must-have for all schools looking to support newly arrived children with speaking English as an additional language. Read More - Read More

The Values Education Resource File:
A practical kit for exploring the things that matter

Start exploring today!

The Values Education Resource File is a highly practical kit, developed with schools for schools, to provide you with a straightforward way of thinking about the things that matter to you and your young people.

It includes everything you need to help children, young people and adults understand and articulate the values that matter to them - to enable personal change, better conflict management, and prepare them for the future. It provides guidance on how values can be introduced across the curriculum, on working meaningfully with parents and other external stake holders, and ideas for staff induction, professional development, and organisational change initiatives. Your practical kit includes:

  • Ten step-by-step Values Education workshops with extension activities
  • 45 values cards for you to use in sessions
  • A detailed, stimulating value biography for every value
  • Photocopiable activity sheets to support sessions

Developed by an experienced teacher and expert trainer who facilitates values education workshops in education settings, The Values Education Resource File is a tried-and-tested resource suitable for a wide range of education professionals. Read more

These are free worksheets and handy photocopiables which you can download and printout for use in the classroom.

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Title Description Author Download
Meeting the Needs of Your Most Able Pupils in History   Steve Barnes
Meeting the Needs of Your Most Able Pupils: Maths   Lynne McClure and Jennifer Piggott
Meeting the Needs of Your Most Able Pupils: Geography   Jane Ferretti
Meeting the Needs of Your Most Able Pupils: English   Erica Glew
Meeting the Needs of Your Most Able Pupils in Religious Ed   Dilwyn Hunt
Meeting the Needs of Your Most Able Pupils in Science   Tim Alderman
Inspection and Accountability Model guidance for presentation of attainment data. Bill Laar
Improve Your Primary School Through Drama Resources and Appendix. Rachel Dickinson, Jonothan Neelands and Shenton Primary School Download

Learning Outdoors Adaptable templates from the book to use with planning your outdoor space. Helen Bilton et al Download
A Handbook for Learning Support Assistants Outline of the role of LSAs and their responsibilities. Practical explanations of the tasks they are likely to be involved in, and how to set the 'ground rules' for successful integration into the class. Glenys Fox Download
Anger Management Checklists and logs with discussions of triggers and symptoms. Helpful guides as to how to calm a situation before it gets out of hand, and how to ascertain a more long term solution. Adrian Faupel Download
Assessing Pupils’ Performance Using The P Levels Thirty two pages of blank annotation pages supporting the book. Edited by Ann Berger, written by Di Buck and Val D Download
Autism in the Early Years Observation of Autistic children and how to use the observation profile. Intervention planning. Differentiating the early years curriculum and development of play. Val Cumine, Julia Leach and Jill Stevenson Download
Baseline Assessment and Target Setting for Pupils With PMLD Introduction to Baseline Assessment, sample record of attainment and scheme of work for Science, records of achievement and experience, a child-centred record and a language and communication recording sheet. Sonia Maskell, Fran Watkins, Elizabeth Hayworth Download
Beating Bureaucracy in Special Educational Needs The Beating Bureacracy Toolkit Jean Gross Download
Behaviour and Discipline in Schools 2 Five activities to analyse different aspects of behaviour management followed by a rights and responsibilities sheet Peter Galvin Download
Challenging Behaviours in Mainstream Schools Copies of the 44 pages of photocopiable appendices which support the book:   blank pupil action plan, the Coping in Schools Scales and summaries, Primary/Secondary transfer evaluation and proforma, pastoral support proforma and a re-integration checklist. Jane McSherry Download
Changing Behaviour Photocopiable activities and suggestions for children to analyse bad behaviour and for promoting positive behaviour. Also a friendly behaviour audit.  Sylvia McNamara and Gill Moreton Download (1) Download (2a) Download (2b) Download (3)
Communication, Curriculum and Classroom Practice Objectives and assessments to improve communication development. This is broken down into: functional literacy, aesthetic literacy and pre-literacy. 25 photocopiable pages with little description. Clare Latham and Ann Miles (The Redway School) Download
Creating the Conditions for School Improvement Three carefully outlined activities on the following subjects: monitoring policies in practice, encouraging improvement, and professional learning Mel Ainscow et al. Download
Developing Pupils’ Social Communication Skills Three games to encourage specific skills. These are for use with classes of different sizes, both indoors and out, and are clearly explained with suggestions for adaptations to simplify and extend. 3 pages. Penny Barratt et al. Download
Early Years Play Discussion of Play-Based Assessment backed up by photocopiable observation sheets. 7 Pages. Zaihrun Sayeed and Ellen Guerin Download
Enhancing Learning Through Play Short photocopiable developmental record to help teachers to compile Assessment Profiles of gain access to specialist help for children with dyspraxia. Christine Macintyre Download
Help in the Classroom Three activities to develop the role of Learning Support Assistants. Practical photocopiable activities with full explanation. 10 Pages. Maggie Balshaw Download
Implementing the Literacy Hour for Pupils With Learning Difficulties Planning for the Literacy Hour with schemes of work for short, medium and long term planning within differing age groups and key stages. The password for this file is 'Fulton'. Ann Berger Download
Implementing the National Numeracy Strategy for Pupils With Learning Difficulties Discussions of the practical implications of the inclusive mathematics lesson within the National Numeracy Strategy Framework. Practical question and answer sessions backed by sample Pupil Assessment Sheets Ann Berger Download
Perspectives on Behaviour   Harry Ayres, Donne Clarke, Anne Murray Download
Resource Management for Schools Activities, audits and assessment exercises to help resource allocation and planning. Approx. 70 pages - although it’s not a large file to download it does take a while to print! Christopher Rhodes Download
The SENCO Handbook These appendices of Liz Cowne’s renowned Senco Handbook cover regulations, responsibilities, IEPs, the Record of Concern, bilingual learners, Bloom’s Taxonomy, SEN Management and observing children. Some photocopiable forms, and 11 pages of notes. Elizabeth Cowne Download
Supporting Children's Reading There are eight slideshows to accompany the book in a choice of PowerPoint (PPT) or PDF.   Download
Teaching Assistants Further examples of materials produced by the research teams in schools and services Maggie Balshaw Download
Teaching Tough Kids Worksheets for the book Mark Le Messurier Download
The SENCO as Teacher and Manager Thirty pages of activities and photocopiable forms discussing aspects of the SENCO’s role. Frances Jones, Kevin Jones and Christine Szwed Download

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