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  1. Teaching Spelling

    Books to help students become brilliant spellers

    New and key titles to help teachers uncover spelling strategies that can greatly improve their students' abilities and confidence. These books tackle strategy, method, spelling habits and encourage teamwork by utilizing activities in the classroom. Take a look!

  2. Jumpstart! Spanish and Italian

    Get ready to…Jumpstart!

    The bestselling Jumpstart! books contain ‘quick-figure' ideas that could be used as warm-ups and starters as well as possibly extended into lessons. There are more than 50 games and activities for Key Stage 1 or 2 classrooms that are practical, easy-to-do and vastly entertaining. The ‘jumpstarts’ will appeal to busy teachers in any primary classroom for subjects such as Literacy, Numeracy, Drama, Science, Storymaking, Poetry, Creativity, ICT and most recently in the series - French and German.

    Click here for more information about upcoming titles...

  3. Playing Outside

    Playing Outside

    Playing Outside provides clear and detailed guidance on all aspects of outdoor play illustrated with over 100 color photographs. This new edition has been fully updated throughout to incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage and includes completely new photographs, case studies and ideas for resources. Read more

  4. Let's Write

    Let’s Write

    Let’s Write offers a wealth of suggestions for approaches to developing primary school pupils’ writing skills that will capture the children’s interest, while enabling them to improve their ability to express themselves in writing. It aims to meet the requirements of the new national curriculum for English at KS2 in a way that will develop the children’s standard of writing by presenting activities that they will find enjoyable and stimulating. Read more

  5. Descriptosaurus

    Over 5,000 children take part in the Descriptosaurus Writing Challenge!

    The National Literacy Trust’s latest competition, run in partnership with author Alison Wilcox and publishers Routledge, has been their most successful writing challenge to date, with over 5,000 children taking part! Read more...

  6. Talking and Doing Science in the Early Years

    Talking and Doing Science in the Early Years

    This accessible book introduces the simplest form of the principles and the big ideas of science and provides a starting point for encouraging children to have an interest and experiential understanding of basic science and engineering. Read more

  7. Write Out of the Classroom

    Write Out of the Classroom

    Write Out of the Classroom is a ground-breaking, highly practical book which provides teachers and creative writing tutors with great ways of tapping into the huge inspirational and educational potential of the richly diverse world beyond the classroom walls. Read more

  8. How to Stop Bullying in Classrooms and Schools

    Books to Tackle Bullying

    With news reports continuously growing over bullying threats in schools, online and in the workplace, what can we do make a difference? Take a look!

  9. Physical Education 5-11

    Improving Learning with Physical Education

    What is the importance of PE in the school curriculum? What does a 'good PE lesson' look like?

    Physical Education is proven to have a positive impact upon learning in schools for both primary and secondary school children. It encourages motivation, good sportsmanship, and the advantages of working as a team: all important skills that can be transferred across the curriculum to further achievement and improve performance in other subjects.

    But how do you make the most of a PE lesson in order to reap these benefits, and how, at a time of increasing childhood obesity rates, can you engage pupils with sport? At Routledge Education we have published a number of Physical Education titles that address these questions and more, whatever the age and ability of the children in your class. Read more

  10. Outdoor Learning through the Seasons

    Books for Outdoor Learning

    Outdoor learning is an integral part of a child's development process, where the natural world can enhance experience and awareness. Routledge Education is at the forefront of publishing professional, illustrated books that can cater for teachers and early years specialists-making outdoor learning accessible all year round. Take a look!

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