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Managing Airports 4th Edition

An international perspective
By Anne Graham

Updated to reflect the many important developments airport management this fourth edition presents a comprehensive and cutting-edge insight into today's international airport industry. Click here to read more.

Approaching management strategy from a commercial perspective, this book provides an innovative insight into the processes behind running a successful airport, this fourth edition includes:

  • Updated content reflecting key developments such as fuel prices, economic recession, natural disasters (ash cloud), emerging economies, developments in technology and impact of deregulation of airports
  • New chapters on Sustainability and Service Quality
  • New case studies on emerging economies such as China, India and Middle East
  • An examination of the increasing need to offer wide ranging, quality services to remain competitive

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"...essential reading for anyone working, analyzing, investing, studying or just generally interested in the airport industry..."
– Dr. Rafael Echevarne, ACI World

“the top must read” for airport professionals..." – Dr. Romano Pagliari, Cranfield University

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