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101 Philosophy Problems

4th Edition

By Martin Cohen


304 pages

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Does Farmer Field really know his prize cow, Daisy, is in the field? When is an unexpected exam not wholly unexpected? Are all bachelors (really) unmarried? Martin Cohen's 101 Philosophy Problems, Fourth Edition introduces philosophy in an entertaining but informative and stimulating way. Using philosophical puzzles, conundrums and paradoxes he skilfully unwraps some of the mysteries of the subject, from what we know - or think we know - to brainteasing thought experiments about ethics, science and the nature of the mind.

For the Fourth Edition there are many new problems, including Maxwell's Moving Magnets, Einstein Changes Train Times, and Zeno's Paradox of Place; as well as two brand new sections including puzzles such as Lorenz's Waterywheel, and the Battle for Fractal Farm, and perplexing ethical dilemmas. The book has been extensively revised to bring it up to date with new developments in philosophy and society.

With an updated glossary of helpful terms and possible solutions to the problems at the end of the book, 101 Philosophy Problems is essential reading for anyone coming to philosophy for the first time.

Table of Contents

Forward! To the Fourth Edition How to Use This Book 1. The Cow in the Field 2. The Raven 3. Descartes’ Big One 4. The Hanging Judge 5. The Hairdresser 6. The Tuck Shop Dilemma 7. Protagoras’ Problem 8. The Unexpected Exam 9. Sorites 10. A Problem Arranging Ship Battles 11. Flight 999 12. The Plank of Carneades 13. The Dodgy Donor Clinic 14. The Famous Footbridge Dilemma 15. A not-very Classical Musical Dilemma 16. Whose Baby? 17. Potentially a Problem 18. Kidnapped! Part I 19. Kidnapped! Part II 20. The Tortoise 21. The Bent Coin Problem 22. The Infinite Hotel 23. Zeno's Paradox of Place 24. Poincaré’s Problem 25. The Mysterious Triangle 26. The Fern 27. Fakes and Forgeries 28. Flash Bagman 29. A Problem buying Stamps and Potatoes parts I and II 30. Problems with Standards 31. A bit of Exploitation 32. Swampy Things 33. The X-perience Machine 34. The Power of Partiality 35. Against Impartiality 36. The Superior Power of Self-interest 37. The Half-Brain problem 38. Only John King! 39. The Materialisation of Katie King 40. The Blobs 41. Cube/ Triangle 42. Figure/Ground reversal 43. False Leg 44. Mobius Strip 45-56. 12 Traditional Philosophy Problems No One Cares About Anyway 57. Potty Thought Experiments 58. What Happens After the Sun Goes Out 59. Galileo's (Gravitational ) Balls 60. Maxwell 's Moving Magnets 61. Einstein Changes the Train Times 62. Schrodinger’s Cat 63. Deep Thought 64. Deeper Thought 65. The Dog and the Professor 66. A Relative Problem 67. New Diktatia part I 68. New Diktatia part II 69. New Diktatia part III 70. The Dissonance of the $1 Volunteers 71. Devil’s Chemists 72. The Turtle 73.Daytime or Nighttime 74. But will the Waterfall? 75. The Architect’s Secret 76. Smaller and smaller 77. The Three Hares Illusion 78.The Evangelist 79. The Hate Preacher 80-89. The Vicar’s Tea Party (ten short problems) 90. The Battle for Fractal Farm 91. Lorenz’s Waterywheel 92. Statistics in the Firing Line 93. The Amazing Run of Luck 94. Mind’s Eye 95. Pain is Good 96. Greed is Good 97. Sleeping Problems 98. Sleeping Man 99. Simple Universe 100. Problem of How to Get to 101 101. Problem of Existence. Discussions Glossary Index

About the Author

Martin Cohen has established a worldwide reputation as a radical philosopher and unconventional thinker. He has published many books, which have been translated into around twenty different languages.

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