1st Edition

60 Innovative Cognitive Strategies for the Bright, the Sensitive, and the Creative
New Investigations Into the Home of the Mind

ISBN 9781138567030
Published March 23, 2018 by Routledge
214 Pages

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Book Description

In this book, Dr. Maisel employs the metaphor of "the room that is your mind" to provide 60 cognitive strategies that enable smart, sensitive, creative clients to engage in dynamic self-regulation for greater awareness, insight, and enhanced mental capabilities. Issues that are examined include repetitive and obsessional thinking, self-criticism and a lack of self-confidence, anxiety and depression, reliving traumatic memories, and overdramatizing and catastrophizing. This is the perfect book for cognitive-behavioral therapists to suggest to clients and will be of great interest to clients whose needs for imaginative and metaphorically rich strategies often go unmet.


Table of Contents

Introduction  Part I. Dynamic Self-Regulation and Healthy Indwelling  1. Humane Help for Smart, Sensitive, Creative Clients  2. Dynamic Self-Regulation  3. Healthy Indwelling  4. Existential Traditions and Underpinnings  5. Unhealthy Indwelling Versus Healthy Indwelling  6. Driven, Unsatisfied, Happy and Tortured  7. Keys to Healthy Indwelling  8. Using the Exercises  Part II. 30 Cognitive Strategies for Mental Health  1. Installing Windows  2. Safety Valve  3. Easy Chair  4. Second Answers  5. Admonishing Trickster  6. Empty Platform  7. Exit Door  8. Tantrum Mind  9. Tactics Table  10. Dance, Smile, Scone  11. Left Index Finger  12. Sorting Through Injustices  13. Mind Party  14. Saying Goodnight  15. Hot Lava, Ice Water  16. The One-Word Solution  17. River Path  18. Bedrock  19. Rebound Corner  20. Winter Overcoat  21. Old Friend  22. The Complete Answer  23. Calmness Switch  24. Non-Magnifying Glass  25. Resilience Mat  26. Meaning Fountain  27. Drama Royalty  28. Beauty Drawer  29. Power Bars  30. Wallpaper  Part III. 30 Cognitive Strategies for Increased Creativity  31. Blazing Fire  32. Snow Globe Collection  33. Altar  34. Speaker’s Corner  35. Selection Table  36. Mug Collection  37. Hat Drawer  38. Life Purpose China  39. Screen Time  40. Mirror, Mirror  41. Appointment Calendar  42. Crystal Ball  43. Stumble Zone  44. Hope Chest  45. Corrective Lenses  46. Appetite Artistry  47. Seven-Word Corner  48. Identity Pledge  49. Anxiety Vows  50. Sitting on Your Hands  51. Costume Closet  52. Straightjacket Storage  53. Shoes of the Other  54. Day Job Skin  55. Comparison-Free Zone  56. Ice Cube Tray  57. Still Life with Apricots  58. Pad of Checklists  59. Grandeur Corner  60. Mattering Sweater  In Conclusion

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Eric Maisel, PhD, is a retired family therapist, creativity coach, and internationally respected expert in the field of mental health reform. He is the author of more than 50 books and reaches a substantial audience with his personal list, Psychology Today blog, print column for Professional Artist Magazine, guest editorship for parent resources at Mad in America, and weekly appearance in the Fine Art America newsletter.

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"Eric Maisel is at the cutting edge in the field of creativity and health. He reminds us that ‘being smart, sensitive, creative, and troubled go hand in hand,’ but the current system, which calls these problems a mental disorder and prescribes drugs or ‘talk therapy,’ is inadequate and outdated. This is a must-read book for clinicians and clients alike. I’ve used these practices myself, and they really work. Plus, they are fun to read and easy to use. I highly recommend this fine book."

Jed Diamond, PhD, author of The Enlightened Marriage and From Madness to Manhood

"Once again, Eric Maisel takes the arcane topic of mental illness and transforms it into everyday language, avoiding the inhumane pitfalls of the illness model of human distress. Using the visual metaphor of ‘the room that is your mind,’ he presents practical applications that can restore well-being in times of existential angst. This book is especially geared for people of existential sensibility, given their creativity and resistance to cultural conformity and the emotional anguish of such rebellion."

Chuck Ruby, PhD, executive director of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry

"Imagine each day going to the garbage and spreading it throughout your house. Few would argue this is sane behavior. Yet within the room that is our mind, many people spread anger, guilt, worry, and resentment everywhere. Dr. Eric Maisel teaches us how the mind has the ability to enter into self-conversation and how to utilize this to choose our inner dialogue and enter into dynamic self-regulation. The results are profound and bring expanded awareness, insight, inspiration, creativity, and focused concentration."

Lee Jampolsky, PhD, bestselling author of Healing the Addictive Personality and Smile for No Good Reason

"With humor and compassion, Maisel outlines 60 exercises for trading one’s self-pestering for healthy indwelling. He explains how to replace anxiety with freedom and joy and convert our mental bed of nails into an easy chair. The book’s engaging and practical tools teach readers to be gentle with themselves and achieve new heights of understanding and creativity. For self-doubters, this book is not just inspirational, but a profound relief."

Judith Schlesinger, PhD, author of The Insanity Hoax: Exposing the Myth of the Mad Genius