1st Edition

99 Eco-Activities for Your Primary School Engaging Ideas that Promote Environmental Awareness

By Sarah Watkins Copyright 2023
    202 Pages 430 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    202 Pages 430 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    202 Pages 430 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    This book is packed with bright ideas and practical projects for children aged 4-11 to raise environmental awareness and prompt discussion about climate change.

    Encouraging children to take charge right from the start, the activities range from creating recycled kites, windsocks, and garden decorations, to upcycling old t-shirts, building minibeast hotels and designing campaigns to eliminate single-use plastics from school. Some can be completed outdoors and some indoors, with each page including photos of the activity in action, plus details of the resources required and steps needed. As well as the main activity, extension ideas are provided, so there is plenty to fill each session. The tried-and-tested activities are themed in three main areas:

    • Eco-friendly practice

    • Recycling and upcycling

    • Connecting with the natural world

    Whether you run an eco-club, a craft club or you simply want to facilitate activities on a sustainability theme with children in your class, this fantastic book will raise awareness of environmental issues in an engaging way – and many of the activities will save your school or setting money too.

    Foreword by Joscelyn, Susie and Erin from Stretton Sugwas Church of England Academy  Introduction  Eco friendly practice  Recycling and upcycling  Connect with the natural world  Conclusion


    Sarah Watkins is a Forest School leader on a journey of climate change action. An ex-primary teacher and Head of School, Sarah has led eco-clubs and supported schools to apply for eco accreditation. Before teaching, Sarah worked as an Arts Officer, and also managed projects for a national media charity, giving a platform to unheard voices. Sarah currently lectures at her local university and writes for various publications. She also presents nationally on ways to involve children positively in environmental conversations.

    Eco activities for the present, helping children to learn and be aware for their future. Designed for children, but also tried and tested on them too, and they always say it as it is!

    Julian Thomas, Headteacher of Georgeham Primary School, the UK's first 'plastic free' school


    I absolutely LOVED this book, the activities are so simple and easy to follow, they make use of ordinary, everyday materials, they promote eco-conscious thinking, and each activity comes with a "Why" - kids love to ask "WHY?"! The most inspiring activity book I have come across by far! (My favourite activity is number 36!).

    Isobel Mary Champion, Parenting Coach


    This book is full of fantastic ideas to support and engage children of all ages and stages in becoming ‘sustainability heroes’ and making a difference to our world in the process. Each page is bursting with activities that are both engaging and easy for supporting adults to set up and manage. Each activity supports the development of critical thinking skills and empowers learners to see that they are never too small to make a difference.  An amazing addition to any teacher, parent, or carers wish list.

    Ashley Forrester, Principal Teacher of ASN, SEND Teacher


    This is the book our school has been waiting for! Our pupils recognise themselves as Eco warriors and work in partnership with national organisations to counteract the effects of climate change but what are the things that we can do daily in school and at home that enhances our understanding of these issues? Full of simple and useful activities that not only develop deeper understanding but also fires curiosity and creativity. I can see our children, staff and families adapting so many of these wonderful ideas and adding to them too. Thank you just isn't enough for a Eco small book that will make a huge impact.

    Sharifa Lee, Headteacher


    You would be hard pushed to find a more practical and easy to access book to enhance your outdoor teaching and learning. Every teacher should buy a copy for inspiration on how to deliver wonderful outdoor learning. It is perfectly timed for the eco agenda schools are heavily investing in and the book is full of wonderful ideas that will support teaching, stir up the creative juices and really get teachers inspired about their curriculum. 100% a must buy. 

    Vivien Watson, Headteacher and Local Leader of Education, Hookstone Chase Primary School