A Cross Section of Nursing Research : Journal Articles for Discussion and Evaluation book cover
6th Edition

A Cross Section of Nursing Research
Journal Articles for Discussion and Evaluation

ISBN 9781936523337
Published January 1, 2014 by Routledge
306 Pages

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Book Description

• The 39 research articles in this collection illustrate a wide variety of models for both quantitative and qualitative nursing research.

•The lines in each article are sequentially numbered, which facilitates classroom discussions by allowing professors and students to pinpoint specific parts of an article.

•The articles have been carefully selected for use with students who are just beginning their study of research methods. The difficulty level will challenge but not overwhelm.

•Factual Questions at the end of each article draw students’ attention to methodologically important points.

•Questions for Discussion request students’ opinions on unique aspects of each article.

•Helps instructors avoid copyright infringement problems. The publisher has paid fees to the copyright holders for permission to include the research articles in this book.

• New to this edition: A copy of our Bonus Articles for A Cross Section of Nursing Research booklet is included free of charge.

•The research articles are classified under these major headings: •nonexperimental quantitative research
•true experimental research
•quasi-experimental research
•pre-experimental research
•qualitative research
•combined qualitative and quantitative research
•test reliability and validity research
•meta analysis.
The articles have been drawn from a wide variety of journals such as: •Behavior Modification
•Cancer Nursing
•Computers in Nursing
•Computers, Informatics, Nursing
•Health Education & Behavior
•Issues in Mental Health Nursing
•Journal for Nurses in Staff Development
•Journal of Community Health Nursing
•Journal of Gerontological Nursing
•Journal of Nursing Care Quality
•Journal of Pediatric Nursing
•Journal of Research in Nursing
•Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses
•Nurse Educator
•Nursing Research
•Psychological Reports
•Public Health Nursing
•Rehabilitation Nursing
•Research in Nursing & Health
•The Journal of Nursing Administration
•Western Journal of Nursing Research

Table of Contents

Nonexperimental Quantitative Research

1. A Survey of Emotional Difficulties of Nurses Who Care for Oncology Patients
Descriptors: Regional survey, questionnaire, Psychological Reports

2. Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Nurses’ Knowledge of Pulse Oximetry
Descriptors: Regional survey, test of knowledge, Journal for Nurses in Staff Development

3. Male and Female Nursing Applicants’ Attitudes and Expectations Towards Their Future Careers in Nursing
Descriptors: Regional survey, questionnaire, Journal of Research in Nursing

4. Physical Activity Barriers and Program Preferences Among Indigent Internal Medicine Patients with Arthritis
Descriptors: Local survey, structured interviews, Rehabilitation Nursing

5. Tobacco Intervention Attitudes and Practices Among Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
 Descriptors: National Survey, Nursing Research

6. Ethics Content in Community Health Nursing Textbooks
Descriptors: Content/document analysis, Nurse Educator

7. Buried Alive: The Presence of Nursing on Hospital Web Sites
Descriptors: Content/document Analysis, Nursing Research

8. Relationships of Assertiveness, Depression, and Social Support Among Older Nursing Home Residents
Descriptors: Correlational research, Behavior Modification

9. Extending Work Environment Research Into Home Health Settings
Descriptors: Correlational research, Western Journal of Nursing Research

10. Parent Behavior and Child Distress During Urethral Catheterization
 Descriptors: Observation of natural behavior, Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses

True Experimental Research

11. Skin-to-Skin Contact After Cesarean Delivery
Descriptors: Posttest-only randomized groups design, Nursing Research

12. Life Review Therapy As an Intervention to Manage Depression and Enhance Life Satisfaction in Individuals with Right Hemisphere Cerebral Vascular Accidents
Descriptors: Posttest-only randomized groups design, Issues in Mental Health Nursing

13. An Intervention Study to Enhance Medication Compliance in Community-Dwelling Elderly Individuals
Descriptors: Pretest-posttest randomized groups design, Journal of Gerontological Nursing

Quasi-Experimental Research

14. Effectiveness of Nursing Counseling on Coping and Depression in Women Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization
Descriptors: Pretest-posttest intact groups design, Psychological Reports

15. Effects of Two Educational Methods on the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Women High School Teachers in Prevention of Cervical Cancer
Descriptors: Pretest-posttest intact groups design, Cancer Nursing

16. Physical Restraint Reduction in the Acute Rehabilitation Setting: A Quality Improvement Study
Descriptors: Repeated measures, intact groups design, Rehabilitation Nursing

Pre-Experimental Research

17. Sleep Disturbances in Women With HIV or AIDS
Descriptors: One group, pretest-posttest design, Nursing Research

18. An Intervention to Enhance Nursing Staff Teamwork and Engagement
Descriptors: One group, pretest-posttest design, The Journal of Nursing Administration

19. Vaccine Risk/Benefit Communication: Effect of an Educational Package for Public Health Nurses
Descriptors: One group, pretest-posttest design, Health Education & Behavior

Program Evaluation/Process Evaluation

20. A Comparison Pilot Study of Public Health Field Nursing Home Visitation Program Interventions for Pregnant Hispanic Adolescents
Descriptors: Randomized control group design, Public Health Nursing

21. Culturally Tailored Diabetes Education Program for Chinese Americans: A Pilot Study
Descriptors: One-group, pretest-posttest design, Nursing Research

22. Effect of a Medical-Surgical Practice and Certification Review Course on Clinical Nursing Practice
Descriptors: One-group, posttest only design, Public Health Nursing

23. HIV Medication Adherence Programs: The Importance of Social Support
Descriptors: Qualitative process evaluation, Journal of Community Health Nursing

Qualitative Research

24. Subsequent Childbirth After a Previous Traumatic Birth
Descriptors: Internet study, Nursing Research

25. Barriers in Providing Psychosocial Support for Patients With Cancer
Descriptors: Focus groups, Cancer Nursing

26. What Adolescents with Type I Diabetes and Their Parents Want from Testing Technology
Descriptors: Focus groups, Computers, Informatics, Nursing

27. One Breath at a Time: Living with Cystic Fibrosis
Descriptors: Focus group and written narrative, Journal of Pediatric Nursing

28. Weighing the Consequences: Self-Disclosure of HIV-Positive Status Among African American Injection Drug Users
Descriptors: Interviews, Health Education & Behavior

29. The Contribution of Research Knowledge and Skills to Practice: An Exploration of the Views and Experiences of Newly Qualified Nurses
Descriptors: Face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, longitudinal, Journal of Research in Nursing

30. Student Nurses’ Perceptions of Alternative and Allopathic Medicine
 Descriptors: Open-ended questionnaire, Western Journal of Nursing Research

Combined Qualitative and Quantitative Research

31. The Use of Music to Promote Sleep in Older Women
Descriptors: Pre-experimental design with quantitative and qualitative outcome data, Journal of Community Health Nursing

32. Factors Which Influence Latino Community Members to Self-Prescribe Antibiotics
Descriptors: Questionnaire and focus group, Nursing Research

33. Computer-Mediated Support Group Use Among Parents of Children with Cancer: An Exploratory Study
Descriptors: Survey via the Internet, Computers in Nursing

34. Spiritual Perspectives of Nurses in the United States Relevant for Education and Practice
 Descriptors: Mailed questionnaire, ≈Western Journal of Nursing Research

Test Reliability and Validity Research

35. Developing a Residential Care Facility Version of the Observable Indicators of Nursing Home CareQuality Instrument
Descriptors: Reliability and validity, Journal of Nursing Care Quality

36. Preverbal, Early Verbal Pediatric Pain Scale (PEPPS): Development and Early Psychometric Testing
Descriptors: Reliability and validity, Journal of Pediatric Nursing

37. Revised Susceptibility, Benefits, and Barriers Scale for Mammography Screening
Descriptors: Reliability and validity, Research in Nursing & Health

38. Nurse Entrance Test Scores: A Predictor of Success
Descriptors: Discriminant Validity, Nurse Educator


39. A Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Promote Mammography Among Ethnic Minority Women
Descriptors: Effect size, Nursing Research

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