1st Edition

A History of Christianity in England

By E.O. James Copyright 1949

    First published in 1949, A History of Christianity in England is a kaleidoscopic view of the religious situation in England for readers and students who wish to eventually take it up as a serious study. The author asserts that the influence of the Church and the State in the development of the English national life and character has also led to the growth of a unique English Christianity. English religion appears neither completely Catholic, properly Protestant nor consistently Liberal, rendering itself an enigma. The author believes that the confusion of its various discordant parts can be resolved by situating English Christianity within a historical continuum. This book will be of interest to students of theology, history and Christianity.

    Preface 1. The Beginnings of the Church in Britain 2. The Consolidation and Unification of the English Church 3. The Church in Medieval England 4. The English Reformation 5. The National Church 6. Nonconformity and the Churches in England 7. Roman Catholicism Since the Reformation 8. Anglicanism Index


    E. O. James