1st Edition

A History of Italy 1700-1860 The Social Constraints of Political Change

By Stuart Woolf Copyright 1991

    First Published in 1979, A History of Italy 1700-1860 provides a comprehensive overview of Italy’s political history from 1700-1860. Divided in five parts it deals with themes like the re-emergence of Italy; Italy as the ‘pawn’ of European diplomacy; social physiognomy of the Italian states; problems of the government; enlightenment and despotism (1760-90); the offensive against the Church; revolution and moderation (1789-1814); revolution and the break with the past; rationalization and social conservatism; the search for independence (1815-47); legitimacy and conspiracy; alternative paths towards a new Italy; and the cost of independence (1848-61). It fills a major gap and presents a thoughtful and well-integrated political narrative of this complex period in Italy’s development. This book is an essential read for students and scholars of Italian history and European history.

    Preface Introduction: The Land and the people Part I: The Re-emergence of Italy 1700-60 1. Italy, the ‘pawn’ of European diplomacy 2. The social physiognomy of the Italian states 3. The problems of the government 4. The ‘new’ intellectuals Part II: Reform and Authority: Enlightenment and Despotism 1760-90 5. The years of collaboration: 1765-75 6. The offensive against the Church 7. The crisis of collaboration: 1775-90 8. Belated Collaboration: 1780-94 Part III: Revolution and Moderation 1789-1814 9. Revolution and the break with the past: 1789-99 10. Rationalization and social conservatism: 1800- 14 Part IV: The Search for Independence 1815-47 11. Legitimacy and Conspiracy: 1815-31 12. The society of Restoration Italy 13. Alternative paths towards a new Italy: 1831-48 Part V: The Cost of Independence 1848-61 14. The contradiction of revolution 1848-9 15. The compromises of diplomacy: 1850-61 16. Epilogue Glossary Bibliography Index


    Stuart Woolf