1st Edition

A History of the Georgian People From the Beginning Down to the Russian Conquest in the Nineteenth Century

By W.E.D. Allen Copyright 1932

    A History of the Georgian People (1971) begins with an account of the early history and ethnographic background of Georgia, and goes on to cover the country’s political history from 1000 to 1800 and Russian conquest. There are chapters on the social history of the country, with much interesting information on the feudal system, religion, justice and the slave trade. The final, illustrated section, discusses the art and literature of the Georgians.

    Part 1. The Background  1. The Georgian Land and the Nature of Mount Caucasus  2. Bronze and Iron  3. The Swarming and the Mingling  4. Matriarchs, Gods and Emperors  5. The Historical Geography of Ancient Georgia  Part 2. The Medieval Kingdom  6. Origins of the Medieval Kingdom  7. Kings of the Abkhaz: Bagrat III to Georgi II (1008–1089)  8. Heyday of the Georgian Kings: David II to Tamara (1089–1212)  9. The Monarchy under the Mogols: Georgi IV to David VI (1212–1318)  10. Splendours and Miseries of the Later Georgian Kingdom: Georgi V to Alexander (1318–1443)  Part 3. Revolutions of the Georgian Kingdom  11. Wars of the Division and Aftermath (1462–1574)  12. The Revival of Islamic Imperialism (1512–76)  13. Clash of Empires: The Epic of King Simon (1576–1600)  14. Clash of Empires: The Peregrinations of Taymuraz I (1586–1663)  15. Abeyance of the Monarchy: the Mukhranian Viceroys (1656–1722)  16. Emperors Abortive: Peter the Great and Nadir Shah (1722–1747)  17. Indian Summer of the Bagratids: Taymuraz II and Irakli II (1747–1798)  18. End of the Georgian Kings (1769–1813)  Part 4. The People and the Power  19. From the Clan to the Class  20. The Middle and Lower Classes in Medieval Georgia  21. The Ruling Classes  22. The Institution of Patronqmoba  23. Court and Administration  24. Religion and the Georgian Church  25. Justice in Georgia  26. The Slave Trade: Decline of the Population  Part 5. The Life of Georgia  27. The Art of Medieval Georgia  28. Georgian Literature  29. The Wealth and State of the Medieval Kingdom  30. Dog-Days of the Georgians


    W.E.D. Allen