1st Edition

A History of the Public Library Movement in Great Britain and Ireland

By John Minto Copyright 1932
    366 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1932, A History of the Public Library Movement in Great Britain and Ireland is concerned with the rise and progress of the public library as it stood at that time. The establishment and growth of the public library may be viewed as part of the great social movement for the spread of knowledge among the poorer classes which took place in the late eighteenth century and the early years of the nineteenth century. This movement was characterized by the establishment of various educational agencies, which are covered in this book, along with the introduction of the Public Libraries Act passed in 1850 and other legislation that followed.

    Preface.  1. Introductory  2. The Spread of Education, and the Resulting Demand for Reading Matter – The Circulation of Popular Literature – Forerunners of the Public Library – Early Municipal Foundations, Parochial Libraries, Itinerating Libraries, Subscription Libraries, Mechanics’ Institutes  3. The Need for Libraries Freely Open to the Public – The Minutes of Evidence and Reports of the Select Committee on Public Libraries  4. The Reports of the Committee  5. The Public Libraries Act, 1850  6. Early Adoptions of the Act  7. Subsequent Amending Legislation  8. Further Amending and Consolidating Legislation  9. Removal of the Rate Limitation  10. Recent Legislation  11. Public Library Progress and Policy  12. The Library Association  13. Training for Librarianship  14. Branch and District Associations and Sections  15. Other Library Association Activities  16. County Libraries  17. Commercial and Technical Libraries  18. Libraries for the Blind – Hospital Libraries – Children’s Libraries – School Libraries  19. Prominent Workers and Benefactors.  Appendixes.  Index.


    John Minto (1863–1935) was the eminent Librarian of the Signet Library in Edinburgh, UK.