1st Edition

A Hope for Philosophy II The European Path and Chinese Opportunity

By Ye Xiushan Copyright 2022
    148 Pages
    by Routledge

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    As the final work by Ye Xiushan, one of the most famous philosophers and philosophy scholars in China, this two-volume title scrutinizes the historical development of both Chinese and Western philosophies, aiming to explore the convergence between the two philosophical traditions.

    Combining the historical examination and argumentation based on philosophical problematics, the two-volume set expounds the key figures and schools and critical thoughts in both Western and Chinese philosophical histories. The second volume retraces the origin and development of Chinese philosophy and reveals its focal grounds, i.e. a trinity of man, Heaven, and earth, which helps explain why and how it diverges from Western way of philosophizing. This book also delineates the diachronic transitions of Chinese philosophy that critically embrace different schools of thought throughout history, including Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, and Marxism, etc., and then constitutes an organic whole. To elicit the potential for a new transformation of contemporary Chinese philosophy, the author encourages a constructive dialogue between the Chinese and Western philosophies.

    This title will appeal to scholars, students, and general readers interested in philosophical history, comparative philosophy, Chinese philosophy, and Western philosophy ranging over Greek philosophy, German classic philosophy, and contemporary continental philosophy.

    1. The Spiritual durée of Chinese Philosophy: A Theoretical Investigation  2. The Spiritual durée of Chinese Philosophy: A Historical Investigation 8. Daoist Philosophical Thought  3. The Great Union Between Political Governance and Philosophical Schools in Han Dynasty  4. Philosophical Approach in Buddhist Thought  5. History of Philosophical Thought During Song and Ming Dynasties


    Ye Xiushan was a researcher in the Institute of Philosophy at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Director of the Western Philosophy Society, China. His academic expertise was Western philosophy, aesthetics, and Chinese and Western comparative philosophy.