1st Edition

A Nation of Change and Novelty Radical Politics, Religion and Literature in Seventeenth-Century England

By Christopher Hill Copyright 1990

    A Nation of Change and Novelty (1990) ranges broadly over the political and literary terrain of the seventeenth century, examining the importance of the English Revolution as a decisive event in English and European history. It emphasises the historical significance of the English Revolution, exploring not only its causes but also its long term consequences, basing both in a broad social context and viewing it as a necessary condition of England’s having nurtured the first Industrial Revolution.

    1. Introduction  2. The Place of the Seventeenth-Century Revolution in English History  3. Political Discourse in Early Seventeenth-Century England  4. Archbishop Laud’s Place in English History  5. The Word ‘Revolution’  6. Governments and Public Relations: Reformation to ‘Glorious’ Revolution  7. Gerrard Winstanley and Freedom  8. Seventeenth-Century English Radicals and Ireland  9. Abolishing the Ranters  10. Literature and the English Revolution  11. The Restoration and Literature  12. History and the Present


    Christopher Hill