A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish, 4th edition  book cover
4th Edition

A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish, 4th edition

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ISBN 9780203783467
Published February 4, 2014 by Routledge
582 Pages

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Book Description

A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish is widely recognised as the standard English-language reference grammar of Spanish. It provides teachers and students of Spanish with a comprehensive, accessible and jargon-free guide to the forms and structures of the Spanish currently used in Spain and Latin America.

This new edition has been carefully revised and updated, and its explanations have been checked against the findings of the Royal Spanish Academy's Gramática descriptiva de la lengua española and other new works in the field. Many new Peninsular and Latin American examples have been included, the English text has been thoroughly revised and in many places expanded or clarified. A glossary of grammatical terms has also been included. As a result this new version of 'B & B' should now be invaluable to an even wider readership ranging from intermediate to advanced students of Spanish.

A Workbook is available for use with A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish, 4th edition;
Practising Spanish Grammar by Christopher J Pountain and Teresa de Carlos.
ISBN 0340 66223 9

Table of Contents

Preface to the fourth edition
Conventions, spelling and abbreviations
1 Gender of nouns
2 Plural of nouns
3 Articles
4 Adjectives
5 Comparison of adjectives and adverbs
6 Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
7 Neuter article and neuter pronouns
8 Possessive adjectives and pronouns
9 Miscellaneous adjectives and pronouns
10 Numerals
11 Personal pronouns
12 Le/les and lo/la/los/las
13 Forms of verbs
14 Use of indicative (non-continuous) verb forms
15 Continuous forms of the verb
16 The subjunctive
17 The imperative
18 The infinitive
19 Participles
20 The gerund
21 Modal auxiliary verbs
22 Personal a
23 Negation
24 Interrogation and exclamations
25 Conditional sentences
26 Pronominal verbs
27 Verbs of becoming
28 Passive and impersonal sentences
29 Ser and estar
30 Existential sentences
31 Adverbs
32 Expressions of time
33 Conjunctions and connectors
34 Prepositions
35 Relative clauses and relative pronouns
36 Nominalizers and cleft sentences
37 Word order
38 Diminutive, augmentative and pejorative suffixes
39 Spelling, accent rules, punctuation and word division
Glossary of grammatical terms
Bibliography and sources
Index of English words
Index of Spanish words and grammatical points

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John Butt, Emeritus Professor of Modern Hispanic Studies, King's College, London

Carmen Benjamin, Formerly Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, King's College London


'The Butt and Benjamin New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish is an essential reference tool for all interested in the Spanish language. The most extensive and accurate single-volume comprehensive source of information on contemporary Spanish language currently in existence in the English language, it replaces and surpasses the Ramsey-Spaulding Textbook of Modern Spanish.'
George DeMello, Professor of Hispanic Linguistics, University of Iowa

'The most important event to occur in the descriptive linguistics of Spanish for many years'
The Times Higher Education Supplement