1st Edition

A Primer for the Clinician Educator Supporting Excellence and Promoting Change Through Storytelling

By Larrie Greenberg Copyright 2022
    131 Pages
    by CRC Press

    131 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This concise, introductory primer has been written specifically for clinician educators (CEs), particularly those new to the role and those working to further develop their experience and knowledge. Drawing on his dual roles as a pediatrician and medical educationalist, the author uses story-telling and personal experience alongside practical tips and tricks to support the reader in their teaching, patient care and educational scholarship, helping both junior faculty and more senior educators to avoid pitfalls in all segments of their careers.



    Author Biography

    1 . Introduction

    2. The Junior Clinician-Educator

    3. The Mid-Level Clinician-Educator

    4. The Senior Clinician-Educator

    5. Tips For Clinician-Educator

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    Larrie Greenberg, M.D. is Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Children's National Medical Center, Maryland, USA. He founded the Office of Medical Education at Children's National Medical Center in 1978, started faculty development at Children's, has 300 publications (almost all in medical education), has developed numerous enduring educational programs at both GWU and Children's, and has held national offices in COMSEP (the pediatric clerkship group, of which he was one of the founders); the NEGEA, which is part of the Association of American Medical Schools; and the Academic Pediatric Association (APA). He has been awarded lifetime achievement awards from the U of Toledo, GWU, COMSEP, and region 4 of the APA, and has won awards from the APA three times for best educational research paper, best mentor in the country, and twice won the best educational program award.

    Greenberg’s A Primer for the Clinician Educator: Supporting Excellence and Promoting Change Through Storytelling (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2022) provides an amazing spectrum of advice and tips on developing one’s career in medical education......I suggest that all faculty in academic health centers can benefit from this read, because the ultimate goal is effecting change (learning) that directly or indirectly positively impacts patient care......Greenberg will assist you in finding the study question, engaging collaborators, networking, defining yourself professionally through advocacy or educational research or a clinical niche that feeds those, measuring your accomplishments, enriching your career and yes, effecting change.

    Janet E. Fischel, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Pediatrics, Past Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs, Past Division Chief, Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University &, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital