1st Edition

A Reader on Audience Development and Cultural Policy

Edited By Steven Hadley Copyright 2024

    This book brings together, for the first time, twenty-two chapters on arts marketing and audience development. Edited and curated to be accessible to both academics and those working in the cultural sector, the book provides an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the traditions, philosophies and approaches which underpin our ideas about increasing audiences for the arts. Covering a range of topics and international perspectives, it tells the story of how arts marketing and audience development came to be such an important management practice in the cultural sector. This edited volume discusses the relationship of audience development to arts management and cultural policy and outlines the foundational arguments which have led to contemporary debates around everyday creativity and cultural democracy. By providing vital insights from both the theory and practice of arts marketing and audience development, the book will serve as an excellent reference work for researchers. Simultaneously, this book will also be an invaluable read for those working in cultural leadership and arts management roles. The chapters in this book were originally published in various Routledge journals.

    Introduction: Arts Marketing, Audience Development and Cultural Policy

    Steven Hadley


    Part I: Arts Marketing


    1. A strategic logic for arts marketing

    Miranda Boorsma

    2. Arts Marketing Performance: An Artistic-Mission-Led Approach to Evaluation

    Miranda Boorsma and Francesco Chiaravalloti


    3. When Arts Met Marketing: Arts Marketing Theory Embedded in Romanticism

    Hye‐Kyung Lee


    Part II: Audience Development


    4. Behaviour and Attitude: The Theatre Talks Method as Audience Development

    L.E. Hansen


    5. Arts Audiences: Establishing a Gateway to Audience Development and Engagement

    Elyria Kemp and Sonja Martin Poole


    6. Spontaneity and planning in arts attendance: insights from qualitative interviews and the Audience Finder database

    Sarah Price, Rachel Perry, Oliver Mantell, James Trinder and Stephanie Pitts


    Part III: The Role of the State


    7. ‘Rethinking the missionary position’ – the quest for sustainable audience development strategies

    Debi Hayes and Alix Slater


    8. Audience Development and Social Inclusion in Britain

    Nobuko Kawashima


    9. The Role of Government in Marketing the Arts

    Jennifer Radbourne


    Part IV: Culture and Participation


    10. The Social Stratification of Cultural Consumption: Some Policy Implications of a Research Project

    Tak Wing Chan and John H. Goldthorpe


    11. The Participation Myth

    Leila Jancovich


    12. Collecting and classifying data on audience identity: the cultural background of festival audiences

    Katya Johanson, Hilary Glow and Mark Taylor


    13. The coming crisis of cultural engagement? Measurement, methods, and the nuances of niche activities

    Laurie Hanquinet, Dave O’Brien and Mark Taylor


    Part V: International Perspectives


    14. European Commission Final Report: Study on Audience Development – How to Place Audiences at the Centre of Cultural Organisations

    Steven Hadley


    15. Audience Development and its Blind Spot: A Quest for Pleasure and Play in the Discussion of Performing Arts Institutions

    Anja Mølle Lindelof


    16. Can Audience Development Promote Social Diversity in German Public Arts Institutions?

    Birgit Regina Mandel


    17. Review of European Expert Network on Culture’s Audience Building and the Future Creative Europe Programme, 2012

    Christian Potschka, Mathias Fuchs and Agata Królikowski


    Part VI: Reviews and Reflections


    18. “Marketing from the Art World”: A Critical Review of American Research in Arts Marketing

    Jin Woo Lee and Soo Hee Lee


    19. Leading or Avoiding Change: The Problem of Audience Diversification for Arts Organisations

    Hilary Glow, Anne Kershaw and Matthew Reason


    20. Understanding of the Value and Impacts of Cultural Experience – A Literature Review

    Abigail Gilmore


    21. Examining the state of the art of audience development in museums and heritage organisations: a Systematic Literature review

    Iñigo Ayala, Macarena Cuenca-Amigo and Jaime Cuenca


    22. Reflections on Audience Data and Research

    Steven Hadley, Katya Johanson, Ben Walmsley and Anne Torreggiani


    Steven Hadley is an academic, consultant and researcher working internationally in arts management, cultural policy, and audience engagement. He is currently a Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), and a Visiting Lecturer at Leuphana University of Lüneburg (Germany). Steven is an Associate Consultant with The Audience Agency, Counterculture and CKI (Denmark). He sits on the Steering Committee of the Cultural Research Network, the Editorial Board of Arts and the Market and is Policy & Reviews Editor for Cultural Trends. Steven has lectured, taught, and delivered training in over thirty countries globally and works as a consultant for a wide range of cultural organizations. His recent published work has focused on cultural democracy and audience engagement.