1st Edition

A Roadmap for Quality Transformation in Education
A Guide for Local Education Reform Leaders

ISBN 9781574441390
Published July 30, 1997 by CRC Press
264 Pages

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Book Description

When it comes to educational performance, the United States does not fare well in comparison to our global competitors. Numerous challenges, such as our increasing dependence on technology, and the ongoing difficulties we face in providing cost-effective, good quality public education, point to the need for changes in our educational system if we are to provide a competitive workforce in the future.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Means for Managing Systemic Change
In the Eye of the Beholder
A Means, Not an End
The Goal: A Beginning Resource for Exploration
The Quality Innovators
What is Continuous Quality Improvement?
Basic Values of Continuous Quality Improvement
The Cost of Quality
Transformational Leadership
A No-Win Scenario for Change: Tinkering with an Outdated Paradigm
The Importance of Transformational Leadership
Planning the Transformation
The Fear of Change
Sudden versus Gradual Change
The Keys to Planning a Successful Transformation
Commitment at the Top
The Superintendent's Role
The School Board's Role
Patience will be a Virtue
Warning: No "One" Right Way
Phase 1 - Preparing for Change
Senior Leadership Explores CQI
Superintendent Communicates Commitment District-Wide
Train the Leadership
Adopt a CQI Policy
Recruit and Develop Champions
Appoint the District Quality Council
Select Quality Coordinator
Phase 2 - Assessing School System Performance
Identify Internal and External Customers
Survey Customers for Valid Requirements and Satisfaction
Scan the Environment for Current and Future Trends
Use a Conceptual Framework to Establish a Baseline
Benchmark for Comparative Analysis
Phase 3 - Planning for CQI
Develop a District-Wide Strategic Plan
Develop a District-Wide CQI Implementation Strategy for Managing the Transformation
Permeate the Vision System-Wide
Phase 4 - Deploying CQI
Begin Delivery of CQI Training
Demonstrate the Philosophy through Pilot Projects
Charter District-Level Teams
Organize School-Level Quality Councils
Charter School Improvement Teams
Integrate Quality Concepts and Tools into Classroom Instruction
Phase 5 - Sustaining the Quality Transformation
Communicate and Celebrate Success
Align Performance Evaluation with CQI
Build an In-House Training Capacity
"A Relentless Willingness to Examine 'What Is' in Light of Our Vision"
A Continuous, Unending Cycle of Improvements
An Aggressive Community Outreach Program to Build Public Support for the Quality Transformation
Continual Renewal and Revitalization through Champion Development and Growth
Appendix A - Total Quality in Education Partnership Agreement
Appendix B - Total Quality Education Process Plan
Appendix C1 - Johnston County Schools Total Quality in Education Assessment Instrument
Appendix C2 - New Hanover County Schools School Improvement Practice Self-Assessment
Appendix C3 - New Hanover County Schools Principal Performance Appraisal
Appendix C4 - School System Self-Assessment Guide
Appendix D- New Hanover County Schools Strategic and Operational Planning
Appendix E - Resource Directory
Appendix F - Glossary
Appendix G - References

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