A Scientific Framework for Compassion and Social Justice : Lessons in Applied Behavior Analysis book cover
1st Edition

A Scientific Framework for Compassion and Social Justice
Lessons in Applied Behavior Analysis

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July 22, 2021 Forthcoming by Routledge
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Book Description

A Scientific Framework for Compassion and Social Justice provides readers with an in-depth understanding of the behavior analytic principles that maintain social justice issues and highlights behavior analytic principles that promote self-awareness and compassion.

Expanding on the goals of the field of applied behavioral analysis (ABA), this collection of essays from subject-matter experts in various fields combines personal experiences, scientific explanations, and effective strategies to promote a better existence; a better world. Chapters investigate the self-imposed barriers that contribute to human suffering and offer scientific explanations as to how the environment can systematically be shaped and generate a sociocultural system that promotes harmony, equality, fulfilment, and love.

The goal of this text is to help the reader focus overwhelming feelings of confusion and upheaval into action and to make a stand for social justice while mobilizing others to take value-based actions. The lifelong benefit of these essays extends beyond ABA practitioners to readers in gender studies, diversity studies, education, public health, and other mental health fields.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Metta- Contingencies

Contributor: Michelle L. Zube

Chapter 1 Acceptance Commitment Training:

ACTing to Support Compassion-Focused Applied Behavior Analysis

Contributors: Jonathan Tarbox and Kristine Rodriguez

Chapter 2 Ageism:

Reconsidering Aging: An Examination of Contextual Factors and the Construct of Old Age

Contributors: Claudia Drossel and Rachel VanPutten

Chapter 3 Applied Behavior Analysis: An Evolution

Rooted in Compassion: How BF Skinner Planted the Seeds of Social Justice for Behavior Analysis and How We Have Grown Over the Past 70 Years…

Contributor: Sarah Trautman

Chapter 4 Behavior Economics:

In Health and in Sickness- Irrationality of the Decision Making Process

Contributor: Liliane de Aguiar-Rocha

Chapter 5 Black Lives Matter:

Black Lives Matter: From Theoretical Conceptualization to Function-Based Real-Life Application

Contributor: Denisha Gingles

Chapter 6 Blame:

Not I: A Behavioral Conceptualization of Perpetrator Blame

Contributors: Eva Lieberman, Emily Sandoz, and Karen Kate Kellum

Chapter 7 Bullying:

Queen Bees, Wannabees, Bee-havior Analysts: Looking at Bullying Through a Behavioral Lens

Contributor: Ann Beirne

Chapter 8 Burnout/Self Care:

Filling your Vessel: Recognizing Burnout and Choosing Self-Care

Contributor: Crystal Thompson

Chapter 9 Compassion:

The Role of Compassion in Social Justice Efforts

Contributors: Linda A. LeBlanc, Denisha Gingles, and Erika Byers

Chapter 10 Connectedness:

Connectedness: Lessons in Cultural Humility, Racial Capitalism, Racial Colorblindness, Implicit Bias, and Colorism

Contributor: Miguel Gallardo

Chapter 11 Corruption:

Corruption: An Integrity Violation Examined From a Behavior Analytic Perspective

Contributor: Tete Kobla Agbota

Chapter 12 Cultural Humility:

The Development and Implications of a Cultural Humility Approach to Behavior Change Programs

Contributor: Cherelle Masche Williams

Chapter 13 Culturally Aware Practice:

Cultural Considerations for Delivering Effective Treatment

Contributors: Lina Slim and David Celiberti

Chapter 14 Culture:

A Cultural Behavioral Systems Science Perspective on the Struggle for Social Justice

Contributors: Traci M. Cihon and Kyosuke Kazaoka

Chapter 15 Do Better Movement:

The Do Better Movement: The science of togetherness

Contributors: Megan Miller and Jennifer Phelps

Chapter 16 Equitable Education:

The Role of Behavior Analysts in Providing Equitable Services for Clients in Public Schools

Contributors: Nicole Hollins and Stephanie Peterson

Chapter 17 Gender Inequality:

We Can Shatter Glass: An Optimistic Reminder to Behavior-Analytic Feminists

Contributors: Natali Wachtman Perilo and Julie Ackerlund Brandt

Chapter 18 Gendered Language:

Moving Toward a Compassionate Gender Expansive Society

Contributor: Arin R. Donovan

Chapter 19 Global Impact:

Standing for Science Takes a Village - An International One

Contributors: David Celiberti, Maithri Sivaraman, and Lina Slim

Chapter 20 Higher Education:

Evidence-Based Teaching in Culturally Responsive Higher Education

Contributors: Lauren K. Schnell and April N. Kisamore

Chapter 21 Humanity of ABA:

ABA as a Humane Approach

Contributor: David Celiberti, Kirsten Wirth, and Kate McKenna

Chapter 22 Inclusive Settings:

"We’ve Tried Nothing and We’re All out of Ideas!": Disruptive Behavior and Faith-based Congregations

Contributor: Bobby Newman

Chapter 23 Income Inequality:

Understanding the Needs of Economically Disadvantaged Children and Families

Contributors: Margaret Uwayo, Mya Hernandez, and Denise Ross

Chapter 24 Indigneous Rights:

Finding the Trail: Indigenous Considerations for Decolonizing Research and Clinical Work

Contributor: Louis Busch and Angela Levasseur

Chapter 25 Islamophobia:

Behavior Analysis and Islamophobia: A Behaviorist Point of View

Contributor: Wafa Attallah Aljohani

Chapter 26 Justice Reform:

The Implications of Dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis in the Criminal Justice System

Contributor: Bree Lutzow

Chapter 27 LBGTQ2IA:

Supporting Ontogenic and Cultural Compassion Building for the LGBTQ2IA Community

Contributors: Worner Leland, August Stockwell, and Janani Vaidya

Chapter 28 Microaggressions:

Addressing Microaggressions in the Workplace Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Contributors: Shaneeria Persaud and Stephanie Bolden

Chapter 29 Mindfulness:

Skills and Lessons Learned During the 2020 Pandemic: A Behavior Analytic View of Honing Mindfulness, Awareness, and Kindness

Contributor: Jessica L. Fuller

Chapter 30 Organizational Behavior Management:

Promoting a Compassionate Culture within an Organization

Contributors: Jacob A. Sadavoy and Michelle L. Zube

Chapter 31 Nepantla:

Finding Spirit: The Pedagogy of Nepantla

Contributors: Shahla Ala’i and Alicia Re Cruz

Chapter 32 Neurodiversity & Ableism:

From Accountant to Advocate: Ableism & Neurodiversity In The Workplace

Contributor: Thomas Iland

Chapter 33 Perspective Taking:

A Relational Frame Approach to Understanding Perspective-Taking in Compassion and Social Justice

Contributors: Yors Garcia, Meredith Andrews, and Lisa Brothers

Chapter 34 Prejudice & Oppression:

Addressing Societal Issues of Prejudice and Oppression: How Can Behavior Analysis Help?

Contributor: Lauren A. Goodwyn

Chapter 35 Privilege:

Read, Reflect, Resist: Deconstructing Privilege

Contributor: Sanyukta Bafna

Chapter 36 Racism:

Applying Behavior Analysis to Dismantle Racism: From Ideas to Action

Contributors: Kozue Matsuda, Yors Garcia, Robyn Catagnus, and

Julie Ackerlund Brandt

Chapter 37 Rural Access:

Rural Access to Ethical and Appropriate Behavior Analytic Treatment in Schools

Contributor: R. Nicolle Carr

Chapter 38 Sexual Harassment:

Sexual Harassment in the Modern Era

Contributors: Connie B. Newman and Kim Templeton

Chapter 39 Social Categorization & Stereotyping:

Stop Judging a Person by Their Cover; How Stereotypes Limit Our Connection with Others

Contributor: Jacob A. Sadavoy

Chapter 40 Social Justice:

Social Justice: An Overdue and Urgent Topic for Behavior Analysis

Contributor: Mary Jane Weiss

Chapter 41 Social Media:

A Global Social Tool or Dilemma?

Contributor: Ryan L. O’Donnell

Chapter 42 Stigmas:

Stigma Through a Behavioral Lens: A Kenyan Perspective

Contributor: Pooja Panesar

Chapter 43 Stimulus Equivalence:

A Derived Relational Account of Cultural Biases

Contributors: Leif K. Albright, Bryan J. Blair, and Daniel M. Ferman

Chapter 44 Urban Planning:

Urban Planning Through an Applied Behavior Analytic Lens

Contributor: May Beaubum

Chapter 45 Wellness:

Wellness and the Use of Acceptance Commitment Training in the Workplace

Contributor: Kate Elizabeth Harrison

Chapter 46 White Saviorism:

White Saviorism: Lessons Learned and Continued Reflections

Contributor: Whitney Hammel Anny

Chapter 47 Conclusion: Prosocial Framework

Designing organizations with love: An ACT Prosocial framework for social justice, diversity, and inclusion

Contributor: Thomas G. Szabo

Final Thoughts



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Jacob A. Sadavoy, QBA, BCBA, has 20 years of behavior analytic experience improving socially significant outcomes in schools, centers, businesses, hospitals, and homes in more than 15 different countries.

Michelle L. Zube, MA, BCBA, has been in the field of behavior analysis for over 15 years consulting for schools and businesses both locally and internationally. She believes in the utility of the science and its broader applications for meaningful and sustainable change.


"From mindfulness to income inequality to urban planning, Sadavoy and Zube’s ambitious tome is a must read for all behavior analysts! These essays are filled with ideas on how to incorporate compassion into our work, and how the science of behavior can be applied to a wide range of critical social issues. If you want to know what Love has to do with it, and how behavior analysis can indeed change the world, this is a great place to start."

Bridget A. Taylor, PsyD, BCBA-D, Alpine Learning Group

"The field of behavior analysis has waited a long time for a book like this, almost too long, but it’s right on time. The content serves as the beginnings to an actionable methodology for anyone ready to embrace the science of behavior analysis as a powerful vehicle for positive social change. Threaded together by themes of compassion, humility, and justice, this book arrives as a call to action for all of us to reflect on our own values and beliefs and how they inform our work as practitioners of behavior analysis. Undoubtedly, this is an essential reading for everyone in our field and at all levels."

Nasiah Cirincione-Ulezi, EdD, BCBA, CEO & founder, ULEZI, LLC

"Skinner's vision of behavior analysis was that it was a generic science that would one day be seen to be relevant for all human behavior. Clearly that vision has not been realized. Behavior analysis has flourished under one tail of the normal distribution but it has not often ventured very far out and underthe dome of that distribution. At least that is how the field is viewed by most people outside of it. Needed are demonstrations that make good on Skinner's vision and this book fits the bill perfectly. The expanse of its conceptual diversity is unmatched by any behavior analytic books I have in my extensive collection. The book is timely without being trendy and could ultimately serve as a go to resource for persons interested in behavior analytic perspectives on contemporary, cultural, and professional issues."

Patrick C. Friman, PhD, ABPP, vice president of Behavioral Health, Boys Town; clinical professor of Pediatrics, UNMC