1st Edition

A Soviet Theatre Sketch Book

By Joseph Macleod Copyright 1951
    178 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First Published in 1951, A Soviet Theatre Sketch Book presents Joseph Macleod’s take on Russian Theatre in a semi-fictional way to show the effect of the productions upon different audiences. By using his pen as an artist uses his pencil, he gives, for the first time, an account of theatre audiences as composed of individual human beings and is able to paint the scenes vividly without neglecting the technical methods of the Soviet stage. By supple use of the sketch- book form, theatres, theatre-schools, actors, and actresses including some no longer appearing are painted into an all-over view of Russian and Ukrainian post-war life. In this book the author writes less immediately about the Soviet Union and does not depend on topicality or stop press news. Joseph Macleod and his wife visited the Soviet Union as the guests of the Russian and Ukrainian Societies for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. This book will be of interest to scholars and researchers of theatre, history of theatre, and performance studies.

    1.Opening Scene 2. Autumn Mist and Spring Flowers 3. Dolls’ and Other Houses 4. Smoke Across the Neva 5. Children’s Gauze 6. Poetry in the Past 7. Beyond the Moscow River 8. Objections 9. All-Union 10. Satire by Puppets 11. Stereoscopic 12. Trick Gauze 13. Gauze Plain 14. Gauze Opaque 15. A Farmers’ Theatre 16. Weddings, Gipsy and Jewish 17. American Press Transparency 18. Shakespeare With the Body


    Joseph Macleod