2nd Edition

A Teaching Assistant's Guide to Completing NVQ Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

By Susan Bentham, Roger Hutchins Copyright 2010
    ISBN 9780415490184
    280 Pages 60 B/W Illustrations
    Published November 24, 1999 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415490177
    280 Pages 60 B/W Illustrations
    Published November 20, 2009 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780203867563
    280 Pages 60 B/W Illustrations
    Published October 23, 2009 by Routledge

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    Based on the updated National Occupational Standards for Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, this new edition of A Teaching Assistant’s Guide to Completing NVQ Level 2 caters directly to the criteria of the course, providing the necessary ‘Knowledge and Understanding’ required as well as invaluable information regarding evidence collection.

    Incorporating the changed guidelines regarding evidence collection this comprehensive guide demonstrates the role of the assessor in observing and questioning the candidate and that of the candidate asking colleagues to provide witness statements.

    As well as providing in-depth underpinning knowledge for all mandatory units and a vast array of optional units, this book offers a range of tried-and-tested materials and practical advice for NVQ Level 2 candidates. The authors have included numerous self-assessment activities, case studies and quizzes to enable candidates to check their understanding of key concepts, to make connections from theory to practice and to assist them in their observation and assessment sessions.

    Written in an engaging and approachable manner and illustrated with many cartoons, this book aims to give the candidate the knowledge necessary to embark on this qualification with confidence.

    A wide range of chapters provides essential advice for NVQ Level 2 candidates, including how to:

    • support children’s development;
    • provide effective support for your colleagues;
    • observe and report on pupil performance;
    • provide support for learning activities;
    • support a child with disabilities or special educational needs.

    Highly practical and rooted in everyday classroom practice, this book is specifically aimed at teaching assistants enrolled on, or embarking upon, NVQ courses that support the government’s National Occupational Standards. In addition this book will be of benefit to schools and teachers who are supporting teaching assistants taking this course.

    @contents:  Selected Contents:  List of figures  Acknowledgements  Glossary  Introduction of NVQ Course  Mandatory  Chapter 1 Unit 1: Provide Support for Learning Activities  Chapter 2 Unit 2: Support Children’s Development  Chapter 3 Unit 3: Help to Keep Children Safe  Chapter 4 Unit 4: Contribute to Positive Relationships  Chapter 5 Unit 5: Provide Effective Support For Your Colleagues  Chapter 6 Gathering Evidence  Optional  Chapter 7 Unit 6: Support Literacy and Numeracy Activities  Chapter 8 Units 7 and 8: Use Information and Communication Technology  Chapter 9 Unit 9: Observe and Report on Pupil Performance  Chapter 10 Unit 11: Support Bilingual/Multilingual Pupils  Chapter 11 Unit 12: Support a Child with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs Chapter 12 Unit 14: Support individuals during therapy sessions  Chapter 13 Unit 15: Support Children and Young People’s Play  Chapter 14 Unit 16: Provide Displays  Chapter 15 Unit 17: Invigilate Tests and Examinations  Chapter 16 Putting It All Together  Chapter 17 Legislation relating to SEN and Inclusion in England and Wales  Chapter 18 National documents and Strategies Relating to SEN and Inclusion  Appendix Photocopiable Resources  References  Index


    Susan Bentham is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Chichester.

    Roger Hutchins is a Special Educational Needs Coordinator in two primary schools in Portsmouth.

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