1st Edition

A Zulu Manual or Vade-Mecum
A Companion Volume to ''The Zulu-Kafir Language'', And The '' English - Zulu Dictonary''.

ISBN 9781138601697
Published June 29, 2020 by Routledge
166 Pages

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Book Description

Published in 1900, this book provides a companion volume to the Zulu Kafir Language and the English Zulu Dictionary. Including a dictionary and examples of language structure and grammar, this book makes Zulu accessible to all levels of learner.

Table of Contents

    1. Objective Verbs. 2. The Causative form embraces two ideas. 3. To express ‘’Completely’’ or ‘’Thoroughly’’ done. 4. How some words in ‘’Ka’’ form the Causative, also verbs in ‘’ La’’. 5. The reflective form compared with the Hebrew Hithpael. 6. On Reciprocal verbs. 7. Colloquial contractions with examples. 8. Exercises on the contractions, with Vocabulary. 9. On the use of ‘’ Sa’’ and ‘’Se’’. 9. The Passive voice is, as in Hebrew, used for the Active. 10. Some Verbs are used with ‘’Na’’. 11. Hyperbole, as a figure of speech. 12. On Irony, and how used in Zulu. 13. Special emphasis in the Imperative mood. 14. On the particle ‘’Si’’ as used before a monosyllabic root. 15. What the Verb repeated indicates. 16. The use of threats. 17. To identify an action, or reduce its force. 17. On the Duplication of Nouns. 18. Physiological terms such as those of the head, neck, trunk, &c. 19. On Diseases, Fractures, Wounds. 20. On Diseases, Fractures, Wounds. 20. Exercise with Notes and questions. 21. Numerous Examples with questions. 22. Exercises for translation with vocabulary. 23. Use the verb "Ukuti", having eight or more different meanings. 24. On Diminutive nouns. 25. Simple form of. 26. Double form of. 27. Exercise for translation with vocabulary. 28. On Botanical terms. 29. Anglo-Zulu Words. 30. Exercise with vocabulary. 31. The Plural of Proper names. 32. Terms used in Geology and Physical Geography. 33. Terms found in Natural History. 34. The Duplication of the Radicle. 35. Zulu Religion, and its influence on the language. 36. Ukuhlonipa words. 37. Specimens, but not models, of Zulu poetry. 38. The Classification of Zulu words. 39. The modus operandi of learning Zulu words. 40. Dictionary, containing a large number of additional words. 41. Errata.

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