1st Edition

ABC of Change for Doctors

ISBN 9781857757620
Published December 30, 2005 by CRC Press
128 Pages

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Book Description

ABC of Change for Doctors is an A to Z guide promoting a healthy work/life balance for medical professionals. This book is written in the same easy to read and straight forward style of its companion volume Prescription for Change for Doctors Who Want a Life (Second Edition ISBN 1 85775 761 0) and contains many practical tools for personal development. It is energising reading for doctors at all levels and specialties, medical mentors, teachers and trainers, and also careers advisors and counsellors. Susan E Kersley is a qualified doctor and regularly writes for BMJ Career Focus, speaks at the BMJ Careers Fair, and runs workshops on self care for doctors.

Table of Contents

Why an ABC? A is for Accept, Achievable, Action, Ambition, Anger, Answer, Assertive, Assumptions. B is for Balance, Begin, Behaviour, Beliefs, Better, Body, Bone of contention, Boundaries. C is for Choice, Clarity, Coach, Coaching, Commitment, Compliment, Conditions, Confidence, Conversation, Critic. D is for Daily, Dare, Declaration, Delegate, Demand, Do it, Dream, Dump. E is for Easy, Elation, Emotion, Empathy, Encouragement, Endure, Entrepreneur, Excitement. F is for Favourite, Fear, Forever, Forgive, Friends, Fulfilment, Future. G is for Goal, Good enough, Gratitude, Greatness, Grounding, Growth, Guilt. H is for Habitual, Handle, Happiness, Head, Health, Heart, Help, Holistic, Hope. I is for Identity, Imagination, Impatience, Inkling, Integrate, Integrity, Internal Dialogue, Intuition. J is for Jealousy, Journey, Judgement, Judgemental, Juggle, Juxtaposition. K is for Kaleidoscope, Keeping fit, Kick-Start, Kinaesthetic, Kindle, Kith and Kin, Knowledge. L is for Language, Learn, Let go, Lightness, Limbic Listen, Loss, Love. M is for Magical, Magician, Mentor, Metaphor, Mind-map, Mood, Movement. N is for Needs Negative, Networking, New, New life, No. O is for Obstacles, Openness, Opportunities, Options, Original, Outcome. P is for Passion, Passionate, People, Persistence, Positive, Posture, Power, Purpose. Q is for Quality, Quandary, Quantity, Queen, Quest, Question, Quiet. R is for Realist, Reality, Recognise, Reflect, Relaxation, Request, Resistance, Results. S is for Sadness, Seasons, Self-care, Self-esteem, Simple, Success, Support, Synchronicity, System. T is for Talk, Tasks, Technology, Think, Time, To-do list, Tolerations, Trust the process. U is for Undermine, Understand, Understatement, Unobtrusive, Unshakeable, Usual, Unusual. V is for Values, Value yourself, Verbalise, Vision, Visualisation, Visualise, Vitality, Voyage. W is for Way forward, What, When, Why, Window of opportunity, Win-win, Wondering. X is for X, X-chromosome, X-factor, X-ray, X-generation, Xylophone. Y is for Yardstick, Year, Yearn, Yes, Yesterday, Yoga, Yourself. Z is for Zap, Zeal, Zenith, Zero-hour, Zigzag, Zoom, ZZZ. Why an ABC of Change for doctors?

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