1st Edition

AI Knowledge Transfer from the University to Society Applications in High-Impact Sectors

    148 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    AI Knowledge Transfer from the University to Society: Applications in High-Impact Sectors brings together examples from the "Innovative Ecosystem with Artificial Intelligence for Andalusia 2025" project at the University of Seville, a series of sub-projects composed of research groups and different institutions or companies that explore the use of Artificial Intelligence in a variety of high-impact sectors to lead innovation and assist in decision-making.

    Key Features

    • Includes chapters on health and social welfare, transportation, digital economy, energy efficiency and sustainability, agro-industry, and tourism
    • Great diversity of authors, expert in varied sectors, belonging to powerful research groups from the University of Seville with proven experience in the transfer of knowledge to the productive sector and agents attached to the Andalucía TECH Campus

    Foreword: Artificial Intelligence: The New Paradigm to Boost Society 5.0




    1 Health and Social Welfare

    1.1 Artificial Intelligence for the Optimization of Focused Ultrasound Cleaning of Shunts Implanted in Patients of Different Pathologies

    Emilio Gómez-González and Javier Márquez-Rivas

    1.2 Assuring the Quality and Security of Medical Robotics Process Automation

    María-José Escalona and José Navarro-Pando

    1.3 Machine Learning and Single-Cell Transcriptomic Analysis in the Brain

    Marina Valenzuela-Villatoro and Rafael Fernández-Chacón

    2 Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction

    2.1 IoT for Energy-Efficient Gas Meters

    José Ramón García Oya and Ramón González Carvajal

    2.2 Wireless Sensor Network for Sustainable Construction and Intelligent Transport

    Pedro Blanco Carmona and Antonio Jesús Torralba Silgado

    2.3 Introduction to Dynamic Maintenance Scheduling Based on the Advanced Use of Predictive Analytical Techniques: Application to the Use Case of Intelligent Maintenance of High-Speed Trains

    Adolfo Crespo Márquez and Antonio De la Fuente Carmona

    3 Digital Economy

    3.1 Detecting Cyber Incidents in IoT: A Case Study in Smart Cities

    Rafael Mª Estepa Alonso and Antonio Estepa Alonso

    3.2 Reliable Government Automation of Regulated Infrastructures by Service Level Agreements

    Pablo Fernández Montes and José María García

    3.3 Generating Data Sets for Intent Classification in Conversational Systems

    Ricardo Durán Viñuelas and Manuel Castro Malet

    3.4 An Artificial Intelligence Tool to Calibrate the Coverage of Information Sources on the Internet

    Nuria Gómez-Vargas and Jasone Ramírez-Ayerbe

    4 Mobility Logistics and Advanced Industry Linked to Transportation

    4.1 Optimizing Stock Replenishment in Fashion Retailers

    Jesús Muñuzuri Sanz and Alicia Robles-Velasco

    4.2 Development of a Surveillance System for Maintenance and Diagnosis of Buses Based on Can-Bus Data Transmitted Wirelessly

    Francisco José Jiménez-Espadafor Aguilar and Juan Manuel Vozmediano Torres

    4.3 A Mathematical Optimization and Machine Learning Approach for Pipeline Routing

    Yolanda Hinojosa Bergillos and Diego Ponce López

    4.4 Digital Factory for Small- and Medium-Sized Advanced Transport Companies

    Miguel Torres García and Gonzalo Quirosa Jiménez

    4.5 A Novel Approach to Radiation Hardness Assurance for Aerospace Applications Based on Machine Learning

    Yolanda Morilla García and Pedro Martín-Holgado

    4.6 Optical Sensing and Self-Learning Approach to Estimate the State Condition of Railway Infrastructure Sublayers

    Francisco A. García Benítez and Fernando Lazcano Alvarado

    4.7 Power-Efficient Analog-to-Information Image Sensors: The Fuel of AI Microsystems

    Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez and Juan A. Leñero-Bardallo

    5 Endogenous Land-Based Resources, Agroindustry, and Tourism

    5.1 Prioritizing Water Distribution and Sewer Network Maintenance Activities

    Luis Onieva Giménez and Alicia Robles-Velasco

    5.2 New Data Structure (Asymmetrical and Multiscale Grid) for Geodata Integration and Input for Machine Learning Analysis

    Juan Pedro Pérez Alcántara and Esperanza Sánchez Rodríguez

    5.3 Development of Yield Monitoring System Based on Computer Vision for Super-High-Density Olive Orchard

    Orly Enrique Apolo-Apolo and Manuel Pérez-Ruiz

    5.4 Smart Agriculture Based on Cyber-Physical Systems

    Diego Francisco Larios Marín and Francisco Javier Molina Cantero

    5.5 Development and Adaptation of Digital Information Models for the Management of Architectural Assets: Case Studies in Archaeological and Architectural Heritage

    Francisco Pinto Puerto and Antonio García Martínez




    José Guadix Martín, Professor, Department of Industrial Organization and Business Management, University of Seville, Spain.

    Milica Lilic, R&D Project Manager at the Secretariat of Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship, University of Seville, Spain.

    Marina Rosales Martínez, Head of Service at the Secretariat of Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship, University of Seville, Spain.

    "Although there is abundant literature on AI, the book's approach based on examples and applications is stimulating for those readers who want to know the practical implications of its use in real settings. It allows us to obtain a vision of the possibilities that AI techniques bring in current and real projects, and to understand the potential impact of these technologies in different sectors of activity." --Santiago Iglesias Pradas, The Technical University of Madrid

    "The book publicizes various knowledge transfer activities from the university to industry in the AI discipline. It is an example of good practices led by the autonomous government of Andalusia: one of the most important regions in Europe in the production of goods and services." --Joaquín Bautista-Valhondo, BarcelonaTech

     "The book covers 22 subprojects, representing a wide range of innovations, derived from its transversal and applied approach focused on the University of Seville. The AI applications cover key sectors in society and industry, not only for Andalusia, but for national and international scope." --María del Mar Eva Alemany Díaz, Polytechnic University of Valencia