10th Edition

Abbreviations Dictionary

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Book Description

Published in 2001: Abbreviations, nicknames, jargon, and other short forms save time, space, and effort - provided they are understood. Thousands of new and potentially confusing terms become part of the international vocabulary each year, while our communications are relayed to one another with increasing speed. PDAs link to PCs. The Net has grown into data central, shopping mall, and grocery store all rolled into one. E-mail is faster than snail mail, cell phones are faster yet - and it is all done 24/7.

Longtime and widespread use of certain abbreviations, such as R.S.V.P., has made them better understood standing alone than spelled out. Certainly we are more comfortable saying DNA than deoxyribonucleic acid - but how many people today really remember what the initials stand for? The Abbreviations Dictionary, Tenth Edition gives you this and other information from Airlines of the World to the Zodiacal Signs.


Table of Contents

How to Use this Book
A to Z
Computer Terminology
Criminalistic and Data-Processing Terms
Genealogical Terms
Geographical Equivalents
Government Agencies
Historical, Musical, and Mythological Characters
Legal, Medical, Military, and Scientific Terms
Short Forms
Signs and Symbols
Airlines of the World
Air-Pollution Index
Airports of the World
American States and Capitals
Astronomical Constellations, Stars, and Symbols
Bafflegab Divulged
Bell Code from Bridge or Pilothouse to Engine Room
Birthstones-Ancient and Modern
British Counties Abbreviated
Canadian Provinces
Capitals of Nations, Provinces, Places, and States
C-B (Citizens' Band) Radio Frequency Short-Wave Call Signs
Chemical Element Symbols, Atomic Numbers, and Discovery Data
Civil and Military Time Systems Compared
Climatic Region Symbols
Corrections Facilities and Criminalistic Terms
Currencies of the World
Diacritical and Punctuation Marks
Dysphemistic Place-Names
Earthquake Data (Richter Scale)
Eponyms, Nicknames, and Geographical Names
Fishing Port Registration Symbols (Great Britain and Ireland)
Greek Alphabet
International Civil Aircraft Markings
International Conversions Simplified
International Radio Alphabet and Code
International Vehicle License Letters
International Yacht Racing Union Nationality Codes
Inventions and Inventors
Irish Counties Abbreviated
Mexican State Names and Abbreviations
Musical Nicknames and Superlatives
National Capitals
National Holidays
National Parks
Numbered Abbreviations
Oldest American Settlements
Ports of the World
Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States
Principles, Laws, Rules, Theories, and Doctrines
Proofreaders' Marks
Railroad Conductors' Cord-Pull Signals Plus Engineers' Whistle Signals
Railroads of the World
Roman Numerals
Rules of the Road-at Sea
Russian Alphabet
Ship's Bell Time Signals
Signs and Symbols Frequently Used (including Emoticons)
States, Nations, and Territories
Steamship Lines
U.S. Naval Ship Symbols
Vehicle Registration Symbols (Index Markers)
Weather Symbols (Beaufort Scale)
Wedding Anniversary Symbols
Winds and Rains of the World
Zip-Coded Automatic Data-Processing Abbreviations
Zodiacal Signs

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Dean Stahl and Karen Kerchelich


"...this volume is essential. Its worth is enhanced by a listing of nicknames and appellations that are otherwise likely to be incomprehensible to foreigners...an essential addition to public, academic, and corporate reference libraries."
-The San Diego Union
"This book has it all...besides being informative, the book is interesting and fun."
-Veterinary and Human Toxicology
"This is a useful book and should appeal to the individual or library acquisitions director with a limited budget."

"An up-to-date source for locating some of the most elusive segments of our language."
"[This] compilation of abbreviations, acronyms, eponyms, terms, etc., is an excellent source for information that is not found in other works."
-Booklist, a publication of the American Library Association
"The classic status of this title endures: abbreviations are again joined by a dazzling array of acronyms, contractions, initials, nicknames, short forms, signs and symbols. Its 15,000 new terms swell the dictionary to nearly 300,000 entries…excellent and unique…"
--S. Swanson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, CHOICE, October 2001, Vol. 39 No. 2