Adjuvants and Agrochemicals : Volume 2: Recent Development, Application, and Bibliography of Agro-Adjuvants book cover
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Adjuvants and Agrochemicals
Volume 2: Recent Development, Application, and Bibliography of Agro-Adjuvants

ISBN 9781315890395
Published November 29, 2017 by CRC Press
236 Pages

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Book Description

Studies of Adjuvants involve many scientific fields from basic research of the chemistry, through investigations into physiological effects and environmental impact, to mixture formulation and field use. These important areas are illustrated in these two volumes, which are contributions from the First International Symposium on Adjuvants for Agrochemicals, held in Brandon, Manitoba on August 5 to 7, 1986. A total of 200 participants from 19 countries met to discuss their common interest in adjuvant science, technology, and application. It is the editors hope that these volumes will stimulate interest in and promote a better understanding of the chemical, physiological, and agronomic aspects of adjuvants as they relate agrochemicals. In addition, the revisedAdjuvants for Agrochemicals: A Selected Bibliography of World Literature in the English Language will be a valuable resource for agricultural researchers and other users. We hope that adjuvant research will lead to even safer, more efficient, and more economical use of chemicals in agriculture and forestry.

Table of Contents

21. Adjuvants for Agrochemicals 22. Surfactant and Herbicide Interactions during Photolysis with Ultraviolet Light 23. The Development and Use of Vegetable Oil Adjuvants with Pesticides in Western Europe 24. Regulation of Adjuvants in Canada 25. Studies on Octylphenoxy Surfactants 26. Their Sorption and Effects on NAA Partitioning into Plant Cuticles 27. The Role of Dynamic Surface Tension in the Retention of Surfactant Sprays on Pea Plants 28. Interaction of Adjuvants with Rice Leaf Surface in Spraying Pesticide 28. Influence of Adjuvants on Spray Atomization, Droplet Size Spectra, and Deposits of Four Fenitrothion Formulations 29. Role of Adjuvants on Droplet Size Spectra, Deposit Patterns, and Dislodgeable and Penetrated Residues of Fenitrothion in Conifer Needles 30. The Application of Herbicides with Ultra-Small Drops 31. The Effect of Adjuvants on the Rainfastness of Glyphosate Applied to Quackgrass Elymus Repens 32. Effects of Adjuvants on Pesticides Combinations- Water Quality on Physical Compatibility 33. Application Effects of Vegetable Oil Additives and Carriers on Agricultural Sprays 34. Esterified Seed Oils with Herbicides 35. The Effect of Vegetable Oil Carriers and Adjuvants on Herbicide Efficacy 36. A Mathematical Model Used to Predict the Modifying Effects of Adjuvants on Fenitrothion Insecticide in Lake and Esturarine Water Systems 37. Research and Development of Adjuvants � Present and Future Considerations

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