1st Edition

Administrative Leadership in the Social Services The Next Challenge

By Yeheskel Hasenfeld Copyright 1989

    What should be the roles and behavior of administrators to meet the challenges facing social service agencies today? Here is a thought-provoking book that provides a great deal of insight into administrative leadership, an essential component in the survival and effectiveness of social service agencies.

    In response to the enormous challenges that social service agencies are facing, including justification of their mission, mobilization of resources, and responsiveness to new social needs, experts present theoretical and empirical studies on administrative leadership in the social services, reviewing the most recent theories and research on the relationship between leadership and service effectiveness. They also focus on emerging issues in social work administration, including a description of the role of women in social work administration and an assessment of a feminist model of macro practice; the rise of for-profit social service agencies; management-union relations; and entrepreneurship as a new model for administrators.

    Administrative Leadership in the Social Services is especially useful for administrators of social service agencies by providing them with insight into their own practice and giving them guidance to improve their administrative effectiveness. To students and scholars, this outstanding new volume presents a review of theories and research on current and emerging issues in social work administration.

    Contents The Challenge to Administrative Leadership in the Social Services: A Prefatory Essay
    • The Human Service Executive
    • Recent Themes in Theory and Research on Leadership and Their Implications for Management of the Human Services
    • Executive Entry: Multiple Perspectives on the Process of Muddling Through
    • Managerial Leadership and Service Quality: Toward a Model of Social Work Administration
    • The Effect of Leadership on Workers in Human Service Organizations
    • Women’s Prospects for Leadership in Social Welfare: A Political Economy Perspective
    • A Feminist Model for Macro-Practice: Promises and Problems
    • Human Service Corporations: New Opportunities for Administration in Social Work
    • Social Service Administration and the Challenge of Unionization
    • Human Service Entrepreneurship: The Four “C” Approach
    • The Life Cycle of Human Service Organizations: An Administration Perspective


    Hasenfeld, Yeheskel