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Advanced Engineering and Technology III
Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Congress on Advanced Engineering and Technology (CAET 2016), Hong Kong, 22-23 October 2016

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Liquan Xie

ISBN 9781138032750
Published December 13, 2016 by CRC Press
284 Pages

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Book Description

Some recent essential ideas and advanced techniques have been presented to overcome the current engineering issues in the civil engineering, water science and environmental engineering and food engineering. Advanced Engineering and Technology III contains 35 technical papers from The 3rd Annual Congress on Advanced Engineering and Technology (CAET 2016, Hong Kong, 22-23 October 2016). The main objective of the conference is promoting technological progress and activities, technical transfer and cooperation, and opportunities for engineers and researchers to maintain and improve scientific and technical competence in the engineering field of civil engineering, water science and environmental engineering, food engineering and other related fields.

The contributed papers in this book mainly focus on advanced theories and technology related to civil engineering, water science and environmental engineering and food engineering, and the most recent developments of advanced theories and technologies for modelling, computing and data analysis in these fields, together with their applications. Although these papers represent only modest advances toward overcoming major scientific problems in engineering, some of the technologies might be key factors in the success of future engineering advances. It is expected that this book will stimulate new ideas, methods and applications in ongoing engineering advances.

Advanced Engineering and Technology III will be useful to academics and professionals in civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering and food engineering.

Table of Contents

Civil engineering

Optimal design of photonic cooling film for buildings based on improved genetic algorithm
Z. Li & L. Xie

Information lifecycle management of cloud calculation information park based on BIM
C. Chen, H. Zhu, H. Lu & X. Huang

Analysis of the influence of the weather on the driving speed on horizontal curves
R. Matuszkova, M. Radimsky, T. Apeltauer, J. Cepil, M. Heczko & O. Budik

Research on the monitoring of cracks in concrete structures based on fiber Bragg grating sensors
L. Zhang, F. Li, D. Wang & C. Peng

Drained effects of geotextile filter materials in extremely soft soils
Y. Zhou, D. Wang, L. Zhang, Y. Gao & Z. Lu

The application of silica fume cement grouting materials in non-uniform settlement of building foundation
L.Y. Chen & Q.W. Zhao

Study on the method of crack width monitoring based on circular approaching degree
Z. Liu, G. Du, J. Liu, H. He, F. Ai, K. Bian, S. Liu & B. Yang

Mechanical properties of Xigeda soil with different contents of EPS under a consolidated undrained triaxial compression test
L. Jiang, X. Yin, J. Tian & E. Liu

Study on mechanical and chemical properties of tailing soils extracted from one dam site in a cold plateau region
Y. Tang, Y. Liu, J. Tian, M. He & E. Liu

Conceptual design and ANSYS analysis on suspended floor damping system under seismic circumstance
Z. Li, X. Jian, L. Xie & Z. Qin

Field test on the influence of the cemented soil around the pile on the lateral bearing capacity of pile foundation
J.-J. Zhou, X.-N. Gong, K.-H. Wang, R.-H. Zhang & T.-L. Yan

A damage model for hard rock under stress-induced failure mode
Z. Li, Q.-H. Zhu, B.-L. Tian, T.-F. Sun & D.-W. Yang

Research on fiber reinforced ultra-lightweight concrete applying Poraver aggregates and PVC fiber
Z. Li, G. Yang & L. Xie

Water science and environmental engineering

Effects of artificial water supplement on an ancient channel of Yellow River Delta
J. Liu, L. Guo, Q.W. Bu, L. Lin, H.J. Xin & Q. X. Li

Policies for protecting and exploiting karst springs in Spring City, Jinan, China
J. Liu, G.Q. Sang, L. Guo, L. Lin & Q.W. Bu

Daily Load Model and a novel algorithm for generating flow based on the DLM
X.M. Tao & S.L. Chen

The research of Unit Daily Load Process Model of hydropower station
L. Gou & S.L. Chen

An experimental study of aerosol generation by showerheads
P.H. Tsui, Y. Zhou, L.T. Wong & K.W. Mui

Matter element evaluation on water resources management modernization
X.F. Huang, J.W. Zhong & G.H. Fang

Dramatic decrease in suspended sediment concentration carried by hyper-concentrated flood in the Lower Yellow River, China
L. He

Projection pursuit evaluation for the water ecological civilization
X.F. Huang, Y.L. Jia & G.H. Fang

Influence of hydroelectric projects of Mekong River in Laos based on text analysis
L.X. Li & Y.L. Zhao

Brief review of development, applications, and research of PCCP
S.L. Zheng

Evaluation of regional cultivated land ecological security of Zhejiang province based on the entropy weight method and the PSR model
K. Yu, L. Sun, Y. Hu, L. Chen, Y. He & P. Sun

Uptake of uranium by red mud from aqueous solution
W.Y. Wu, N. Chen, Z.M. Feng, J.W. Li, D.Y. Chen & D.M. Li

Research on the evaluation index of heliport noise
B. Shao, D. Li, G.-H. Wang, S.-F. Guo, Y.-H. Zhang & J.-L. Li

Food engineering and technology

Effect of different storage temperatures and packing methods on the quality of Dictyophora indusiata
S. Liu, X.M. Duan, L. Jia, X.J. Rao, Z.L. Zhang, Y.H. Xie, L. Li & L.B. Wang

Extraction of soluble dietary fiber from soy sauce residue by microwave-ultrasonic assisted enzymatic hydrolysis and its antioxidant potential
T. Wang, W. Li, Y. Chu, M. Gao, Y. Dong, C. Zhang & T. Li

Degradation of AFB1 by edible fungus
M. Shao, H.Y. Sun, Z. Zhao, H.Y. Zhao & L. Li

Effect of different storage temperatures on respiration and marketable quality of sweet corn
Y. Xie, S. Liu, L. Jia, E. Gao & H. Song

Antioxidant, antimutagenic and antitumor activities of flavonoids from the seed shells of Juglans mandshurica
H.Y. Xu, G.J. Xia & Y.H. Bao

Effects of ultra-high pressure on the properties and structural characteristics of chitosan
X.-K. Li, L. Zhang & H. Zhang

Optimization of extraction parameters of flavonoids from the seed shell of Juglans mandshurica and evaluation of antioxidant activity in vitro
H.Y. Xu & Y.H. Bao


Measurement of control indicators for municipality- and county-level marine functional zoning—with Putian as an example
F.-M. Huang & J.-Y. Li

Synergetic development of film industry chain and its evaluation research
W.G. Xia & X. Zhang

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Liquan Xie is an associate professor in the College of Civil Engineering at the Tongji University, Shanghai, China. He has more than 20 years of teaching, research, and industrial experience related to hydraulic engineering and geotechnical engineering. He has published more than 60 research papers and spent about 10 years teaching many courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Previously, he worked on the construction of Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, the third longest in the world. He also built up technical experience on the construction of large river-crossing bridges and highways.