Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering : Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering, Incheon, South Korea, May 29-31, 2015 book cover
1st Edition

Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering
Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering, Incheon, South Korea, May 29-31, 2015

ISBN 9781138027930
Published March 17, 2016 by CRC Press
406 Pages

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Book Description

The International Conference on Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering 2015 (ICAMSME 2015) was held on May 29-31, Incheon, South-Korea. The conference was attended by scientists, scholars, engineers and students from universities, research institutes and industries all around the world to present ongoing research activities. This proceedings volume assembles papers from various professionals engaged in the fields of materials, structures and mechanical engineering.

Table of Contents

Soap film Enneper model in structure engineering
H.M. Yee & N.A.H. Mohd

Hencky bar-chain model for buckling and vibration of beams with elastically restrained ends
H. Zhang, C.M. Wang & N. Challamel

Application of the ball indentation technique to study the tensile properties across the P92 steel weld joint
D.R. Barbadikar, A.R. Ballal, D.R. Peshwe, T. Sakthivel & M.D. Mathew

The continuum model considering the drivers’ anticipation effect
C.Y. Yu, R.J. Cheng & H.Q. Liu

Fire resistance of fiber reinforced Concrete Filled Box Columns
C.W. Tang, H.W. Liao, H.J. Chen & K.C. Jane

Theoretical and experimental comparative study of strains acting on the hub fork of a cardan joint
I. Bondrea & E. Avrigean

Experimental investigation of residual stress in the micro-grinding of maraging steel
Z. Ding, B. Li, P. Zou, J. Yang & S.Y. Liang

Flutter analysis of rotating missile’s variable cross-section empennage by differential quadrature method
D. Horak

Influence of polypropylene waste carpet fiber on deformation characteristics of concrete
M.H. Hossein, A.S.M. Abdul Awal & A.A.K. Mariyana

Constructions from wood for a power-effective and eco-friendly real estate
A.M. Krygina & N.M. Krygina

Study of the numerical calculation model of the sporting rifle
C. Xu & G.Q. Liu

Finite element parameterized modeling of projectiles penetrating gelatin and the development of a simulation system
S.S. Liu, C. Xu & A.J. Chen

Dynamic responses of long-span cable-stayed bridges under multi-line railway trains
P. Yang, X.T. Si, K.J. Chen & W.H. Guo

Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers for wind–excited tall building
Y.M. Kim, K.P. You, S.Y. Paek & B.H. Nam

Influence of laser radiation on structure and properties of steel
O.V. Lobankova, I.Y. Zykov, A.G. Melnikov & S.B. Turanov

Comparison of concentration profile prediction for slurry transportation based on the diffusion theory
L.J. Zhao

CFG compound foundation in high-rise building design and application
J.Z. Li, G.X. Fang & Q. Quan

Design and construction of pile tip and pile lateral bored grouting
X. Zhou, G.X. Fang, P. Zhang & Y.Q. Leng

An approach for road region detection
H. Fang, G.Q. Yang, J. Li, G.T. Shao, C.Y. Zhang & C.G. Fu

A university e-learning system to enhance higher education teaching environments: A model-based innovative service-oriented clouds intensive evolution approach
L. Wang & Z. Wang

Coupled multiscale nonlinear dynamic analyses of Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall buildings
I. Cho, S. Yemmaleni & I. Song

Influence of river level fluctuation on the stability of high floodplains bank slope
G.L. Tao, B.Z. Tan, J.Y. Fan, J. Ruan & Z.S. Yao

Scour protection of the foundations of Offshore Wind Energy Converters
V. Efimova, A. Karelov, A. Nesterov & N. Belyaev

Vector field modeling of seismic soil movement in building footing
Z. Tatiana & S. Pavel

The effect of ocean flow on reconstruction accuracy in the test based on the NAH
Q.W. He, P. Hu, X.W. Liu & S.C. Ding

Effect of different modification methods on ground motions
C.W. Jiang & D.B. Wang

The effects of the effective support length of the stern bearing on ship shafting vibration transmission paths
H.F. Li, Q.C. Yang, S.J. Zhu & X.W. Liu

Development of a water-collecting device for collecting water at a certain depth
Y.H. Chen, Y.P. Xu, J.B. Jiang, Z.T. Ni & X.L. Li

An empirical analysis of the influence of international oil price’s fluctuations on the exchange rate of RMB
J. Deng & J.Q. He

LQR control of seismic-excited tall building with ATMD
Y.M. Kim, K.P. You, J.Y. You & D.K. Kim

Use of nonconventional liquid fuel in heat power industry
A. Lesnykh & K. Tcoy

Economic evaluation of hydroconversion of fatty acid methyl ester into renewable liquid hydrocarbons
A. Kantama, P. Narataruksa, C. Prapainainar & P. Hunpinyo

DEM investigation of stress field in sand during pile penetration
S. Liu & J. Wang

The water saturation effects on dynamic tensile strength in red and buff sandstones studied with Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB)
E.H. Kim & D.B.M. de Oliveira

Economic potential of diesel-like renewable fuel production from the by-product of the palm oil refining process
A. Kantama, C. Prapainainar, P. Narataruksa & P. Hunpinyo

Study on acoustic similarity in different fluids
M. Wang, Q.D. Zhou, Y.F. Wang, G. Ji, J.B. Xie & Z.Y. Xie

Influence of soil temperature conditions on linear construction stability
E.E. Kholoden, S.A. Lobanov & O.M. Morina

The effects of KH560 addition on brittle/ductile properties of glass fiber/epoxy resin composites
J.S. Sun & J.G. Wang

In vitro bioactivity evaluation of Co-Cr-Mo (F-75)/HAP composites
N.M.S. Adzali, S.B. Jamaludin & M.N. Derman

Formation of nanostructured Ti-Ni-Hf-Cu coatings by high-speed flame spraying of mechanically activated powders
P.O. Rusinov & Zh.M. Blednova

Synthesis of pure zeolite NaP from kaolin and enhancement of crystallization rate by sodium fluoride
J.T. Li, X. Zeng, R.Y. Chen, X.B. Yang & X.T. Luo

Formation of copper oxide nanostructures by solution-phase method for antibacterial application
C.M. Pelicano, J.C. Felizco & M.D. Balela

A method of load extrapolation based on the MCMC and POT
S. You, Y.Q. Wu, Y. Li & Y.S. Zhang

A planar four-bar mechanism demonstrator with variable bar length and connecting rod curve drawing
L.N. Gao, H.Y. Tang & C. Yang

Influence of dynamic force on the vibration of the micro-machine tool spindle
M. Guo, B. Li, J. Yang & S.Y. Liang

Research of the IEEE802.11a channel coding technology based on Turbo code
Z.Y. Sun, L.Y. Liu & Y. Zhang

Stability analysis of single-layer hyperbolic shallow lattice shell with different grid reinforcements
Z.Y. Zhang, H.Y. Wei, X. Zhao & X. Qin

Extending stress linearization procedures for direct method design in pressure vessel design
H.J. Li, X. Huang & H. Yang

Statistical description of fracture pattern from single particle crushing test
B. Zhao, J. Wang & H. Zhao

Channel allocation algorithm in multi-hop cellular network based on potential game
Z.Y. Sun, Y. Zhang & L.Y. Liu

Electroosmotic flow through a microchannel containing salt-free power-law fluids
S.H. Chang

Electrochemical study of Cu nanowire growth in aqueous solution
J.C. Felizco & M.D. Balela

Effects of synthesis techniques and initial reagents on compositions and particle morphology of hydroxyapatite
O. Jongprateep & C. Nueangjumnong

Synthesis and characterization of Fe-Sn nanoparticles via the galvanic replacement method
E.R. Magdaluyo Jr., A.L. Bachiller & P.J. Nisay

Numerical study of micro-reactor inlet geometry for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
W. Chaiwang, A. Theampetch, P. Narataruksa & C. Prapainainar

The efficiency of improving the blade finishing treatment
M. Yu Kulikov, V.E. Inozemtsev, A.A. Bocharov & N.O. Myo

Study on the hyperbolic sine function creep model
H. Chen, H.D. Jiang & H.Y. Chen

The calculation and decomposition of embodied energy in Sino-Korean trade: Based on technological heterogeneity
X. Zhang & W.R. Huang

Design of software for orthogonal packing problems
V.A. Chekanin & A.V. Chekanin

Flow-induced noise analysis of pipes with variable cross-sections
W. Zhao, Y.O. Zhang & Z.L. Guo

Study and simulation on impact of wind turbine generators on Low Frequency Oscillations in power system
J.R. Xu, F. Tang, Q. Zhang, T. Zhao & Q.X. Wang

EMD-based event analysis for identifying the influence of the "2008 Financial Crisis" on silver price
L. Chao & S. Yu

Evaluation of metallurgical parameters of Brazilian lump iron ores with three distinct typologies
J.J. Mendes, A.A. Cunha, F.G. da S. Araújo, F.L. von Krüger & R.A. Llobell Sole

The issue of balancing of eccentric-type vibrators
I.M. Yefremov, D.V. Lobanov & K.N. Figura

Comparison between the effects of thoracoscopy and open thoracotomy on elderly patients with lung cancer
F.W. Lin, K.P. Cheng, C. Zhang & Y. Zhao

Territory of mining-industrial development as an object of recreation in the Far East federal region
L.T. Krupskaya, V.P. Zvereva, A.V. Leonenko & N.G. Volobueva

Validation of a temperature parameter in the expression for the efficiency of filtering magnetophoresis
A.A. Sandulyak, D.A. Sandulyak, M.V. Shitikova, Y.A. Rossikhin, A.V. Sandulyak & V.S. Semenov

Multi-focus fusion with a new sharpness parameter for textile testing
J.F. Zhou & R.W. Wang

A novel three-dimensional reconstruction algorithms for nonwoven fabrics based on sequential two-dimensional images
L.J. Yu & R.W. Wang

The effect of volume variation of silver nanoparticle solution towards the porosity and compressive strength of mortar
H.S.A. Tina, A. Andreyani & W.S.B. Dwandaru

Design and implementation of reversible DC speed control system with logic
non circulating current
L.N. Gao & S.Q. Yi

Effect of the plain-woven fabrics on mechanical properties of composites
S. Tanpichai, K. Kaew-in & P. Potiyaraj

Reactively modified poly(butylene succinate) as a compatibilizer for PBS composites
V. Tansiri & P. Potiyaraj

Preparation and characterization of Ag–Bi1.5Y0.3Sm0.2O3 composite cathode
C.H. Hua & C.C. Chou

Formation of silver nanowires in ethylene glycol for transparent conducting electrodes
N. De Guzman & M.D. Balela

Study on the wave-truss composite bridge design
Y. Li, C.L. Zhu & X.X. Zha

The transient stability analysis based on WAMS and online admittance parameter identification
H.Z. Zhou, F. Tang, J. Jia & S.L. Ye

Polymer composites with ferrocene derivatives for fire-safe construction
A.A. Askadsky, V.A. Ushkov & V.A. Smirnov

Weight optimized main landing gears for UAV under impact loading for evaluation of explicit dynamics study
R.F. Swati, A.A. Khan & L.H. Wen

Analysis of the influence factors of carbon emissions based on the LMDI approach—taking Jiangsu Province as an example
X.Y. Wang & S.Y. Jiang

Impedance characteristics of laboratory scale molten carbonate fuel cell fueled by ash free coal
S.W. Lee, T.K. Kim, Y.J. Kim, C.G. Lee & M. Wołowicz

Purification of plasmid DNA from Escherichia coli lysate using superparamagnetic nanoparticles modified with amino functional groups
X.L. Qiu, Y.P. Guan, K.K. Wang & C. Guo

Nanomodified bitumen composites: Solvation shells and rheology
E.V. Korolev, S.S. Inozemtcev & V.A. Smirnov

Effects of the multi-step ausforming process on the microstructure evolution of nanobainite steel
C. Zhi, A. Zhao, J. He, H. Yang & L. Qi

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Dr. Mosbeh R. Kaloop, PhD, MsC, BsC, is a senior structure and civil engineer. He has been an assistant professor within the Faculty of Engineering at Mansoura University since 2010. His principal research interests are in sensor fusion and signal processing for structures health monitoring and geodetic positioning, surveying engineering and structural deformation monitoring and analysis. From 2010 he teaches the courses "Surveying Engineering applications and Theory of Error Analysis" and "Construction Equipment and Methods" of undergraduate and "Computer Applications" of postgraduate students. He also teaches training courses "Steel Structure Design, Inspection, Maintenance & Durability" and "blast resistance building" at Haward Technology Middle East from 2011. He has published more than 20 papers mainly for the civil and structural health monitoring and serves as a reviewer in more than 8 scientific journals and evaluator for ERAfrica funded researcher. He is currently a visiting professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Incheon National University, Republic of Korea.