Advanced Vehicle Control : Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC'16), September 13-16, 2016, Munich, Germany book cover
1st Edition

Advanced Vehicle Control
Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC'16), September 13-16, 2016, Munich, Germany

ISBN 9781138029927
Published December 29, 2016 by CRC Press
742 Pages

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Book Description

The AVEC symposium is a leading international conference in the fields of vehicle dynamics and advanced vehicle control, bringing together scientists and engineers from academia and automotive industry. The first symposium was held in 1992 in Yokohama, Japan. Since then, biennial AVEC symposia have been established internationally and have considerably contributed to the progress of technology in automotive research and development. In 2016 the 13th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC’16) was held in Munich, Germany, from 13th to 16th of September 2016. The symposium was hosted by the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

AVEC’16 puts a special focus on automatic driving, autonomous driving functions and driver assist systems, integrated control of interacting control systems, controlled suspension systems, active wheel torque distribution, and vehicle state and parameter estimation.

132 papers were presented at the symposium and are published in these proceedings as full paper contributions. The papers review the latest research developments and practical applications in highly relevant areas of vehicle control, and may serve as a reference for researchers and engineers.

Table of Contents

Advanced concepts of integrated tyre force control

Development of vehicle dynamics characteristics using modern chassis systems for body control depending on the vehicle concept
G. Boisdequin, Th. Maulick & St. Sabath

Optimization-based analysis of active suspension authority within integrated vehicle dynamics control systems
J. Deur, M. Cˇoric´, L. Xu, H.E. Tseng & D. Hrovat

Energy efficient torque vectoring control
P. Gruber, A. Sorniotti, B. Lenzo, G. De Filippis & S. Fallah

Steering redundancy for self-driving vehicles using differential braking
M. Jonasson & M. Thor


Risk predictive safe speed control for collision avoidance in right turn dynamic environment situation
Y. Fujinami, P. Raksincharoensak, Y. Akamatsu, D. Ulbricht & R. Adomat

Speed control for reduced risk of collision with oncoming vehicles in obstacle avoidance scenarios
A. Arikere, M. Klomp & M. Lidberg

Torque-based steering assistance for collision avoidance during lane changes
Z. Ercan, A. Carvalho, S. Lefèvre, F. Borrelli, H.E. Tseng & M. Gokasan

Enhancing path tracking performance by using haptic shared steering control combined with DYC
S. Inoue, H. Inoue, T. Ozawa, P. Raksincharoensak & M. Nagai

Evaluation of an evasive manoeuvre assistance system at imminent side collisions
D. Yang, M. Jonasson, T. Halleröd & R. Johansson

Generalized predictive control based on vehicle path following strategy by using active steering system
Y. Cao & F.Yu

Target & control based lane keeping assistance system with center error correction algorithm
E.Wang, L.-W. Jeng, K. Li & C. Fan

Adaptation of ADAS-functions by identifying driver fingerprint
G. Büyükyildiz, A. Hafner, R. Henze, F. Küçükay & M. Vollrath

DrivingCube – A novel concept for validation of powertrain and steering systems with automated driving
C. Schyr &A. Brissard

Close to reality surrounding model for virtual testing of autonomous driving and ADAS
F. Chucholowski, C. Gnandt, C. Hepperle & S. Hafner

Vehicle following

Autonomous cruise control with cut-in target vehicle detection
A. Carvalho, A.Williams, S. Lefèvre & F. Borrelli

Padé approximation of delays in CACC-controlled string-stable platoons
H. Xing, J. Ploeg & H. Nijmeijer

A vehicle following controller for highly-actuated vehicles
R. de Castro, A. Schaub, C. Satzger & J. Brembeck

Distributed receding horizon control of a platoon of multiple CAVs with discontinuous-gear transmissions
S.E. Li, Y. Zheng, Y. Bian & K. Li

Obstacle avoidance control design: An experimental evaluation in vehicle platooning
M. Alirezaei, E. Semsar-Kazerooni & J. Ploeg

Automated driving

Collision avoidance system using state dependent Riccati equation technique: An experimental robustness evaluation
M. Alirezaei, S.T.H. Jansen, A.J.C. Schmeitz &A.K. Madhusudhanan

Autonomous drifting with onboard sensors
J. Gonzales, F. Zhang, K. Li & F. Borrelli

A new nonlinear model predictive control algorithm for vehicle path tracking
G. Schildbach

Real-time optimal obstacle avoidance of MGV using modified Carathéodory-π solutions
S.Watanabe & M. Harada

Control target algorithm for direction control of autonomous vehicles in consideration of mutual accordance in mixed traffic conditions
S. Kitazawa &T. Kaneko

Implementation of a modified Hamiltonian algorithm for control allocation
Y. Gao, T. Gordon & M. Lidberg

Design of an automated steering controller with steering actuator dynamics and adaptive preview time
B.-C. Chen, C.-T. Tsai, Y.-M. Lin & K. Lee

Motion sickness in automated vehicles

Path planning

Study on update method of avoidance trajectory for the autonomous frontal obstacle avoidance system
S. Fujimori, H. Iwata & R. Hayashi

Development of collision probability based motion planning algorithm for automated driving vehicles
J. Suh, B. Kim & K. Yi

Autonomous vehicle trajectory planning and control based on virtual disturbance compensation via simulation of feedback control systems
P. Raksincharoensak, T. Ehira, K. Shimono &Y. Tagawa

A hierarchical controller for path planning and path following based on model predictive control
Q.Wang & S. Müller

Roll-over prevention and risk assessment

A novel control mediation approach to active rollover prevention
D. Zhang, T. Gordon, Y. Gao, C. Zong & M. Lidberg

The noise of acceleration signal as an indicator of the loss of control risk
C. Naude, T. Serre, M. Dubois-Lounis, J.-Y. Fournier &V. Ledoux

Prediction based advanced emergency braking for vulnerable road users
T. Kim, K. Park, K. Yi & K. Min

Lateral dynamics and optimization

Torsional moment representation in lateral load transfer equations
D. Srivastava

Optimizing suspension systems for feasibility, performance and cost
J.Wimmler, M.Wahle, M. Zimmermann & D. Schramm

Multi-objective cooperative control of vehicle stability with electro hydraulic brake
Z. Jin, C.Wang, L. Zhang &A. Khajepour

Stability and modelling

Straight ahead running of a non linear car and driver model
F. Della Rossa, O. Sukharev & G. Mastinu

Handling and stability control for an in-wheel-motor-driven electric vehicle
Y. Shi, H. Lu & F. Yu

Real-time simulation of elasto-kinematic multi-body vehicle models
M. Klomp, P. Sundström &A. Johnsson

Control of a variable-geometry suspension as independent wheel steering
B. Németh, D. Fényes & P. Gáspár

Simulator and test-rig

Model-based steering ECU application using offline simulation (software in the loop)
M. Niegl, P.E. Pfeffer &A. Contini

Control system of a wheel-based “ simulator”
T. Tüschen, S. Ernst, D. Beitelschmidt, G. Prokop &W. Tischer

Tire-suspension hardware-in-the-loop simulation system compensating delay of testing machine
T. Hosono, Y. Udagawa, S. Kawaguchi &T. Shiiba

Evaluation of coupled suspension system using four electromagnetic dampers by motor HILS system
Y. Imai, Y. Fukumori, R. Hayashi, K. Nakano &Y. Suda


Investigation on the lane tracking steering control with two preview points to make preview time shorter
K. Nishizaki, H. Mouri, H. Furusho & P. Raksincharoensak

Bayesian network-based identification of driver lane-changing intents using eye tracking and vehicle-based data
X.H. Li, M. Rötting &W.S.Wang

Influence of different ground truth hypotheses on the quality of Bayesian networks for maneuver detection and prediction of driving behavior
T. Rehder, L. Louis,W. Muenst & D. Schramm

Driving behavior modeling for avoidance of road rushing out pedestrians in non-intersection areas
H. Imanaga, R. Iwaki, I. Yamaguchi & N. Uchida

Modelling the effect of sensory dynamics on a driver’s control of a nonlinear vehicle
C.J. Nash & D. Cole

Fundamental study on driver model for lateral and longitudinal control to advanced driver assistance systems
I. Kageyama, Y. Kuriyagawa &Y.Wang

Model predictive control to represent interaction of driver and active accelerator pedal
C.W. Rosier & D. Cole

Inferring driver’s deceleration intent in vehicle platoon system by using feedback estimators
H. Suzuki, T. Ishikura &T. Nakatsuji

Driver’s steering torque modeling based on lateral deviation and reaction torque
H. Yoshida, J. Yamakawa &T. Honjo

Modelling human steering behaviour at the limit of adhesion using robust nonlinear model predictive control
G. Braghieri & D. Cole

A skill learning process model for driving a car
K. Togai, A. Ohno, T. Matsumoto & H. Tamaki


In vehicle truck steering-system modeling and validation
J. Loof, I. Besselink & H. Nijmeijer

A design of the lead-steer in active front steering system using lead-lag compensator
J. Jung, R. Chung, J. Heo, J. Oh & J. Lee

The influence of time delay on stability of the steering simulator
Y. Jiang,W. Deng, J.Wu, S. Zhang & K. Zhang

Study on reactive steering torque control for bar type steering in high speed range
S. Tamakawa, H. Tanabe, K. Sato, H. Mouri & P. Raksincharoensak

Electric power steering

H∞ filtering design for driver torque estimation in electric power steering system
K. Yamamoto, P. Moulaire, D. Koenig & O. Sename

Design of equivalent friction using a motor control for Electric Power Steering (EPS)
S. Ohno &A. Yoneda

The relationship between the resonance frequency of a steering system and the tire-road friction coefficient
L. Chen, Y. Luo, M. Bian, Z. Qin & K. Li


Upperbounds on the closed loop sensitivity for the control of a steer-by-wire vehicle
T. van der Sande, P. Zegelaar, I. Besselink & H. Nijmeijer

Evaluation of handling performance in steer-by-wire vehicle
F. Takagi, T. Shiiba, R. Ishizaki, K. Tamura & H. Hata

Fault detection scheme for a road vehicle with four independent single-wheel electric motors and steer-by-wire system
B. dos Santos, A. Lopes & R.E. Araújo

Study on active safety for aquaplaning assistance
T. Raste & D. Frerichs

Subjective evaluation and handling

Validation of a moving base driving simulator for subjective assessments of steering feel and handling
G.L. Gil Gómez, C. Andersson Eurenius, J. Donnay Cortiñas, E. Bakker, M. Nybacka, L. Drugge & B. Jacobson

Tire handling subjective evaluation related to model parameters of three driver models
S. Monsma, M. van Oort & P. Bremmer

Special vehicles

Intelligent based terrain preview controller for a 3-axle vehicle
J.T. Economou, D.J. Purdy, D. GalvãoWall, D. Diskett & D. Simner

Optimal control of lateral stability for articulated heavy vehicles based on adaptive dynamic programming approach
B. Li, S. Rakheja & Z. Fu

MiniMax – a situational and geometrical adaptive chassis: Driving safety and space efficiency
J. Kalbfleisch, P.Wagner & H.Winner

A cascaded model-predictive approach to motorcycle safety
S. Hans, M. Krehel, M. Köbe & G. Prokop


Geostatistical meta-modeling for a model-based calibration of an adaptive shock absorber
S. Blume, S. Reicherts, H. Koegeler, N. Didcock &T. Henn

Predictive modeling for vehicle time-series data
J.Wallner, F. Diermeyer & S. Engel

Study on cooperative driving of automated driving vehicles via spatial information server
S. Okada, T. Hisamatsu & M. Omae

Database of relevant traffic scenarios as a tool for the development and validation of automated driving
P. Themann, A. Pütz, A. Zlocki & L. Eckstein

State estimation

Full vehicle and tyre identification using unscented and extended identifying Kalman filters
M.C. Best & K. Bogdanski

Model-based state estimator for an intelligent tire
J. Goos, A.P. Teerhuis, A.J.C. Schmeitz, I. Besselink & H. Nijmeijer

Nonlinear vehicle velocity estimation with friction adaption for four-wheel-independent-drive EVs
X. Xia, L. Xiong, B. Leng & Z. Yu

Unscented Kalman filter for combined longitudinal and lateral vehicle dynamics
M.Wielitzka, S. Eicke, A. Busch, M. Dagen &T. Ortmaier

Vehicle state estimation from a sports-car application point of view focusing on handling dynamics
M. Haudum, J. Edelmann, M. Plöchl & M. Höll

Exploring different vehicle model complexity for reference in a sensor signal processing model controller
I. Ramirez Ruiz, M. Alirand, F. Cheli & E. Sabbioni

Articulation angle estimation and control for reversing articulated vehicles
S. Kim, J. Yang & K. Huh

Tyre and friction

Friction utilization for tyre-road friction estimation on snow: An experimental study
A. Albinsson, F. Bruzelius & B. Jacobson

Wheel force measurement for vehicle dynamics control using an intelligent bearing
S.M.A.A. Kerst, B. Shyrokau & E.G.M. Holweg

The influence of tire transient property on vehicle behavior
T. Takahashi

Estimation of tire road friction during vehicle steering
L. Shao, C. Lex, A. Hackl &A. Eichberger

Longitudinal dynamics

Adaptive anti-slip regulation method for distributed drive electric vehicle
K. Sun, Z. Yu, L. Xiong & R. Zhang

Perceptible changes in driving dynamics due to regenerative braking: Analysis and reduction through active chassis systems
T. Helfrich & M. Lienkamp

A development of nonlinear adaptive ABS control using optimal slip tracker
S. Lee, B. Yang & J. Jeon

Integration of torque blending and slip control using real-time nonlinear model predictive control
M.S. Basrah, E. Siampis, E. Velenis, D. Cao & S. Longo


Study of mechanism improving target course traceability in G-Vectoring Control
M. Yamakado, M. Abe, Y. Kano, D. Umetsu &T. Yoshioka

Development of G-Vectoring Control system based on engine torque control
T. Yoshioka, Y. Takahara, F. Kato, O. Sunahara, T. Tsukano, Y. Takeda, K. Takemura, D. Umetsu, M. Yamakado, Y. Kano, M. Abe & J. Takahashi

Effect of yaw-moment control based on lateral jerk information on lane change task
J. Takahashi, M. Yamakado, K. Nagatsuka, S. Sato, N. Hiraga, D. Umetsu &Y. Takahara

Model predictive control for active drive-torque distribution during a slalom manouevre
J.S. Hellewell, A.A. Popov, G.E. Burnett & J.W. Griffin

Torque vectoring

Evaluation of optimal yaw rate reference for electric vehicle torque vectoring
E.N. Smith, E. Velenis, D. Cao & D. Tavernini

Inversion based feedforward design to improve the lateral dynamics of high performance sports cars
S. Rahimi Fetrati, C. Kandler, C. Kärcher & D. Schramm

Efficient direct yaw moment control of in-wheel motor vehicle
T. Kobayashi, H. Sugiura, E. Ono, E. Katsuyama & M. Yamamoto

Torque vectoring control for different powertrain layouts of hybrid and electric vehicles
M. Vignati & E. Sabbioni

Vertical dynamics

A study on invariant points of semi-active suspension
Y. Zhuang, S. Nie, F. Chen & J. Xie

Dynamic sensitivity analysis of a suspension model
S. Hamza, F. Anstett-Collin, Q. Li, L. Denis-Vidal, A. Birouche & M. Basset

Improvement of ride comfort by unsprung negative skyhook damper control using in-wheel motors
E. Katsuyama &A. Omae

Nonlinear H2 control of a low-bandwidth active vehicle suspension system using Takagi-Sugeno methods
N. Pletschen


Optimal design of hybrid track-type dozers with two-planetary gear sets and clutches
Z. Qin, Y. Luo, K. Li, Z. Pan & H. Peng

Upshift control strategy for dual clutch transmission with single clutch’s slipping
J. Liu, B. Ma, H. Li & G. Li

Predictive energy management of hybrid powertrains using deterministic and Markov chain predictions
R.S. Vadamalu & C. Beidl

Adaptive power management strategy for a four-mode plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
J.-C. Guan, B.-C. Chen & L.-K. Chen 

Reduced order propulsion models for vehicle control and energy management
K. Togai, N. Fujinaga & H. Yamaura

Modeling hydro mounts in vehicles for durability load analyses, ride comfort and vehicle dynamics simulation
C. Scheiblegger, N. Roy, P.E. Pfeffer &A. Hillis

Energy efficiency

Rolling loss analysis of combined camber and slip angle control
M.M. Davari, M. Jonasson, J. Jerrelind, A. Stensson Trigell & L. Drugge

Integrated traction control strategy for 4-motorized-wheels electric vehicles with improvement of economy and longitudinal driving stability
X. Zhang & D. Göhlich

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Johannes Edelmann, Manfred Plöchl, Peter Pfeffer