Advances and Trends in Engineering Sciences and Technologies III : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Engineering Sciences and Technologies (ESaT 2018), September 12-14, 2018, High Tatras Mountains, Tatranské Matliare, Slovak Republic book cover
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Advances and Trends in Engineering Sciences and Technologies III
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Engineering Sciences and Technologies (ESaT 2018), September 12-14, 2018, High Tatras Mountains, Tatranské Matliare, Slovak Republic

ISBN 9780367075095
Published March 26, 2019 by CRC Press
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Book Description

These are the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Engineering Sciences and Technologies (ESaT 2018), held from 12th - 14th September 2018 in the High Tatras Mountains, Tatranské Matliare, Slovak Republic. ESaT 2018 was organized under the auspices of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Košice - Slovak Republic in collaboration with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University - Russia after the successful organization with excellent feedback of the previous international conferences ESaT 2015 and ESaT 2016. The proceedings is covering various topics and disciplines in civil engineering sciences, such as Buildings and Architectural Engineering, Bearing Structures, Material and Environmental Engineering, Construction Technology and Management, Building Physics and Facilities, Geodesy, Surveying and Mapping, Geotechnics and Traffic Engineering. The proceedings report on new and original progress and trends in various fields of engineering sciences that will be of interest to a wide range of academics and professionals from university and industry.

116 papers originating from more than 10 countries have been accepted for publication in the conference proceedings. Each accepted paper was reviewed by two reviewers, selected according to the scientific area and orientation of the paper, which guarantees topicality, quality and an advanced level of the presented results.

Table of Contents

Part A

Computer simulation and modeling, Mechanics and dynamics, Reliability and durability of structures

Behavior of the 2D frames for different approach to soil modeling
V. Akmadzic & A. Vrdoljak

The change of the NVH characteristics of composite vehicle components as a result of visible and not visible damages
S.J. Alsarayefi & K. Jalics

Long-term bending test of adhesively bonded timber-concrete composite slabs
V. Bajzecerová & J. Kanócz

Battened built-up member under compression and bending with one end fixed and the other end free
I.J. Baláž, Y.P. Koleková & L.O. Moroczová

Behaviour of steel laced built-up columns
I.J. Baláž, Y.P. Koleková & L.O. Moroczová

Piezoresistive behavior of mortars loaded with graphene and carbon fibers for the development of self-sensing composites
A. Belli, A. Mobili, T. Bellezze, F. Tittarelli & P.B. Cachim

Bending behavior of steel and GFRP reinforced concrete girders
V. Borzovič, R. Švachula, D. Lániová & S. Šarvaicová

FEM modelling of gas pipeline components
J. Brodniansky Jr., J. Brodniansky & M. Magura

Slip joint connection of conical towers subjected to bending and torsion
J. Brodniansky Jr., J. Brodniansky, J. Recký, M. Magura, T. Klas & M. Botló

Minimum mass container production for ships and airplanes, a review
A.A. Deli, K. Jármai & G. Kovacs

Temperature dependence of the yield strength of heat-resistant steels
A. Erdős & K. Jármai

Solid glass bricks masonry—material properties of bricks and mortar
J. Fíla, M. Eliášová & Z. Sokol

Optimum dynamic analysis of a robot arm using flower pollination algorithm
H.N. Ghafil & K. Jármai

Four-point bending tests of double laminated glass panels with PVB interlayer in different loading rates
T. Hána, M. Vokáč, K.V. Machalická, Z. Sokol & M. Eliášová

The effect of the subsoil simulation on the punching resistance of footings
J. Hanzel, A. Bartók & J. Halvonik

Implementation of the viscous Drucker-Prager and viscous Lee-Fenves nonlinear material models and finite element benchmarks
F. Hokes, J. Kala, M. Trcala & I. Nemec

Experimental verification of properties of concrete mixtures for concrete prefabricated elements
M. Janda & M. Zich

Minimum mass design of compressed I-section columns with different design rules
K. Jármai & M. Petrik

Tensfoamity—a new concept of foam integrated beams
K. Jeleniewicz & W. Gilewski

Local buckling of thin-walled steel tubes
R. Kanishchev & V. Kvocak

Optimisation while designing portal frames
G. Kászonyi & K. Jármai

Methods for determining elastic modulus in natural plant stems
B. Kawecki, J. Podgórski & A. Głowacka

On task of thick-walled aluminum pipe deformation under dynamic superplasticity conditions
D.A. Kitaeva, G.E. Kodzhaspirov, Ya.I. Rudaev & Yu.A. Khokhlova

Application of laser vibrometry in dam health monitoring
M. Klun, D. Zupan & A. Kryžanowski

Assessment of sway buckling influence for laced built-up portal frames
M. Kováč & Zs. Vaník

Deformation characteristics of masonry structure subjected to horizontal loads
M. Kozielová & L. Mynarzová

Shear resistance of steel and GFRP reinforced beams
D. Lániová & V. Borzovič

Evaluation of expressions for calculating the cooling time in carbon steels welding
V. Lazić, D. Arsić, R. Nikolić, Lj. Radović, N. Ilić & B. Hadzima

Numerical modeling of load-bearing structures of silos
M. Magura, J. Brodniansky Jr. & J. Brodniansky

Detection of concrete thermal load time by acoustic NDT methods
M. Matysík, I. Plšková & Z. Chobola

The analysis and effects of flow acoustic in a commercial automotive exhaust system
B. Mohamad & S. Amroune

Application of the firefly algorithm for the optimization of cranes
Sz. Nagy & K. Jármai

Numerical analysis of soil-slab interaction—influence of the input parameters
Z. Neuwirthova & R. Cajka

Verification of the ability of selected acoustic methods to detect the amount of steel fibers in concrete
I. Plšková, L. Topolář, T. Komárková, M. Matysík, Z. Chobola & P. Stoniš

Monitoring the shrinkage of concrete slabs reinforced by steel and FRP reinforcement
S. Priganc, D. Kušnírová & Š. Kušnír

Influence of fissures in timber on the charring rate
J. Sandanus, Z. Kamenická, P. Rantuch, J. Martinka & K. Balog

Study on ligaments’ areas differences between different sizes of modCT concrete specimens
J. Sobek, J. Klon, T. Trčka, H. Cifuentes & J.D. Ríos

Determination of basic dynamic characteristics of a tower structure from ambient vibrations
M. Sokol, M. Venglár, K. Lamperová, Z. Šišmišová & R. Ároch

Influence of joint stiffness on design of steel members
L. Šabatka, D. Kolaja, M. Vild, F. Wald, M. Kuříková & J. Kabeláč

Non-linear analysis of deck slabs subjected to a concentrated load
A. Vidaković, J. Halvonik, R. Vida & T. Augustín

An interface damage model in applications with cyclic loading
R. Vodička, K. Krajníková & I. Katreničová

Strength parameters of polyester reinforced PVC coated fabric after short term creep loading in biaxial mode
K. Zerdzicki & Y.M. Jacomini


Part B

Buildings and structures, Construction technology and management, Environmental engineering, Heating, ventilation and air condition, Materials and technologies, Water supply and drainage

The use of high voltage discharge in treatment of water saturated with air bubbles
M.Ju. Andrianova, D.A. Korotkov, S.V. Korotkov & G.L. Spichkin

The protection of environment during cleaning ETICS with biocides
N. Antošová, B. Belániová, B. Chamulová, K. Janušová & J. Takács

The possibility of heating water by photovoltaic panels
R. Baláž

Green roofs and their measurement
R. Baláž & S. Tóth

Cement screeds—selected methods of humidity measurement
M. Bederka, P. Makýš, M. Ďubek & M. Petro

Standards of the universal design to stabilize the housing quality
A. Bílková, P. Kocurová & R. Zdařilová

Examination of electricity production loss of a solar panel in case of different types and concentration of dust
I. Bodnár, P. Iski, D. Koós & Á. Skribanek

Thermal effects around a heated circular cylinder in horizontal, parallel and contra flow
B. Bolló, P. Bencs & Sz. Szabó

Fluorimetric characteristics of river waters compared with pollutant concentrations
E.A. Bondarenko, E.D. Makshanova, M.Ju. Andrianova, N.V. Zueva & E.S. Urusova

Implementation of virtual reality in BIM education
R. Bouska & R. Schneiderova Heralova

Impact of flow rate on the water film thickness of water wall
K. Cakyova, F. Vranay & M. Kusnir

Using wooden materials for heavy metals removal from waters
S. Demcak, M. Balintova, Z. Kovacova & M. Demcakova

Usage analysis of the information systems for valuation of the construction output
H. Ellingerová, E. Jankovichová, S. Ďubek & J. Piatka

Using computer simulations in building information modeling
M. Faltejsek & B. Chudikova

Management of raw-energy recovery of waste in Slovakia
V. Ferencz, M. Majerník, N. Daneshjo & G. Sančiová

Optimization method of elevator selection for the realization of construction processes
J. Gašparík, S. Szalayová, B. Alamro & M. Gašparík

Full-scale tests for the simulation of fire hazards in the building with an atrium
M.V. Gravit & O.V. Nedryshkin

Indicators of profitability in the building enterprise
Z. Chodasová & M. Králik

Modern management methods in the corporate process
Z. Chodasová, A. Kucharčíková & M. Ďurišová

Application of the virtual reality and building information modeling to solar systems
B. Chudikova, M. Faltejsek & I. Skotnicova

Characteristic determination of solar cell by simulation and laboratory measurement
P. Iski, I. Bodnár, D. Koós, Á. Skribanek & Cs.B. Boldizsár

Load-bearing structure of Tokaj observation tower
J. Kanócz & P. Platko

The benefits of vegetated roofs in reducing the excess heat in three urban areas with different climate conditions
S. Konasova

Designing procedure of LED-halogen hybrid solar simulator for small size solar cell testing
D. Koós, P. Iski, Á. Skribanek & I. Bodnár

Specifications of M&E requirements in the BIM model in the context of use for facility management
M. Kosina & D. Macek

Safe operation of small municipal water supply systems
S. Krocova

The specifics and criteria of investment appraisal for the investment in human capital within the field of construction technology and management
A. Kucharčíková, M. Mičiak, M. Ďurišová & Z. Chodasová

Analysis of the cost structure of aluminum and glass facades
A. Leśniak & M. Górka

Usage of fly ash from biomass incineration in preparing growing media
B. Lyčková, J. Mudruňka, R. Kučerová, D. Takač, K. Ossová & I. Sobková

Determination of operational criteria in the in-use certification system
D. Macek & M. Kosina

Innovative model of accreditation in environmental fields of university study in Slovakia
M. Majerník, N. Daneshjo & G. Sančiová

Brief evaluation of moisture fighting technologies
O. Makýš, M. Hrčka & P. Šťastný

Current state of knowledge technology in construction
P. Mesároš & T. Mandičák

Impact of innovation on the revenues and profit of construction companies in Slovakia
P. Mesároš, T. Mandičák & K. Krajníková

Differences in adhesive properties of joint sealants tested in laboratory and in-situ – effect of weathering
B. Nečasová, P. Liška & B. Kovářová

Traffic at rest in relation to current legislation in the Czech Republic
M. Novotný & B. Nečasová

Investigation of calcium and sulfur content changes in liquid medium due to bacterial attack on concrete
V. Ondrejka Harbulakova, A. Estokova & A. Luptakova

Research of cement mixtures with added granulated and fluidized fly ashes
R. Papesch, T. Dvorsky, V. Vaclavik, J. Svoboda & L. Klus

Experimental verification of mechanical properties of polystyrene for use in integral bridges design
M. Pecník, J. Panuška & V. Borzovič

Effect of an interior green wall on the environment in the classroom
Z. Poorova, P. Kapalo & Z. Vranayova

Case study about BIM technology and current knowledge of university students and their view on this issue
K. Prušková

Problems in carrying out construction projects in large urban agglomerations on the example of the construction of the Varso building complex in Warsaw
E. Radziszewska-Zielina, E. Kania & G. Śladowski

Impact of firefighting agents on diesel oil biodegradation in contaminated soil samples
J. Rakowska

Efficacy of protective facemasks in reducing exposure to particulate matter
J. Rakowska & M. Tekieli

Economical sustainability assessment for a set of façade walls with the same function equivalent – comparative analysis
D.A. Ribas, A. Curado & P.B. Cachim

Evaluation of quality of sediment by infrared spectroscopy in Hornad River, Slovakia
E. Singovszka & M. Balintova

Evaluation of potential radiation hazard in a historical building in Kosice, Slovakia
E. Singovszka & A. Estokova

Implementation of lean production in construction—case study
M. Spisakova & M. Kozlovska

Construction site safety modelling with implementation of lean production tools
D.E. Sprengel, M.V. Petrochenko & M.A. Romero

A comparative case study of selected prefab façade systems
Z. Struková, R. Bašková & A. Tažiková

Comparison of motorway costs between the Czech Republic and Germany
J. Stuchlík & J. Frková

Intensification of turbulent mixing in gases by means of active turbulence grid
N. Szaszák, P. Bencs & Sz. Szabó

Evaluation of climatic conditions affecting workers on scaffoldings
I. Szer, J. Szer & B. Hoła

The influence of Shrinkage Reducing Agents (SRA) on the volume changes of cement pastes
Z. Štefunková & V. Gregorová

Comparison of on-site and off-site modern methods of constructions based on wood
J. Švajlenka & M. Kozlovska

Influence of flash floods on the drainage systems of the urbanized areas
M. Teichmann, N. Szeligova & F. Kuda

Evaluation of operating costs in the life cycle of buildings
M. Teichmann, N. Szeligova & F. Kuda

Use of simulation software to predict and optimize future heating demands of a family house
P. Turcsanyi & A. Sedlakova

Water vapour by diffusion of PIR and mineral wool thermal insulation materials
N.I. Vatin, I.I. Pestryakov, Sh.T. Sultanov, O.T. Ogidan, Y.A. Yarunicheva & A.P. Kiryushina

BIM end-to-end training: From school to graduate school
N.I. Vatin & K.Y. Usanova

BIM for cost estimation
S. Vitasek & J. Žák

Technology of rapid dewatering for excavations
D.D. Zaborova & M.R. Petrichenko

Proposal of levels of detail LOD in building projects implementing BIM
K. Zima & E. Mitera-Kiełbasa


Part C

Geodesy, surveying and mapping, Roads, bridges and geotechnics

3D model of the historic Vltava River valley in the area of Slapy Reservoir
J. Cajthaml, P. Tobiáš & D. Kratochvílová

Solar radiation analysis based on the mesh representation of point cloud data using the marching cubes algorithm
J. Faixová Chalachanová & K. Ťapajnová

Effects of soil variability on bearing capacity of foundations
S. Harabinová, E. Panulinová, E. Kormaníková & K. Kotrasová

Possibilities of displaying the temporal component of data in Esri Story Maps
T. Janata, J. Cajthaml & J. Krejčí

Multicriteria analysis as a tool for estimating optimal barrier-free routes
P. Kocurová, A. Bílková & R. Zdařilová

Problems of development of bi-centric Hradecko—Pardubické residential agglomeration in Czech Republic
D. Kuta & L. Hurdalkova

Non-standardized testing methods for determination of suitability of parting agents
J. Olšová, R. Briatka & P. Briatka

Mapping and modeling of the forgotten cultural heritage in areas affected  by anthropogenic activity—case study for the Czech Republics
J. Pacina & M. Holá

Impact of new developed adhesion promoters for bituminous binder doping purposes on performance-based behavior of asphalt mixes
T. Valentová, J. Valentin & J. Trejbal

Safety of visually impaired individuals in public places
R. Zdařilová, P. Kocurová & A. Bílková

Laboratory design and testing of asphalt mixtures dissipating energy
J. Žák & J. Suda

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Mohamad Al Ali is Head of the Department of Steel and Timber Structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia. He has a MSc and PhD degree. His research activities are oriented to the issues of welded and thin-walled structures. He was the principal investigator of the successfully completed national projects VEGA 1/0673/10 and VEGA 1/0582/13, and member of research teams in other national and international projects carried out in the frame of the Faculty and the University. Mohamad is the author and coauthor of over 85 publications.

Peter Platko is member of the educational and research team of the Civil Engineering FacultyTechnical University of Kosice, Slovakia. He has a MSc and PhD degree, and his research activities are oriented to the issues of cables and tensegrity structures. He is a member of research teams of national and international projects carried out in the frame of the Faculty and the University. Peter has authored and coauthored over 70 publications; two of them is in CC and 5 are in the indexed databases. He is the head of the Organizing Committees of many national and international conferences and seminars and editor of more than 20 proceedings of mentioned activities.