1st Edition

Advances in Aerosol Gas Filtration

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ISBN 9780873718301
Published March 27, 1998 by CRC Press
560 Pages

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Book Description

Aerosols are generally associated with damaging effects to the ozone and human health, however, some aerosols enable productions of very clean, highly dispersed materials. Advances in Aerosol Filtration is dedicated to progress in aerosol science, presenting newly developed theories, filtration models, and novel applications of aerosol gas filtration. Topics include new filtration materials, filter testing methods, electrically enhanced filtration, mechanical and chemical filter resistivity, computational models, and much more. This book examines the history and development of aerosol filtration science and also considers research needs for the future.

Table of Contents

Aerosol Science's Pioneer-N.A. Fuchs
N.A. Fuchs-Aerosol Scientist and Humanist, K.R. Spurny
Aerosol Filtration Studies in the Fuchs' Laboratory, A.A. Kisrsch and I.B. Stechkina
Life Story of My Husband, N.A. Fuchs, M. Guseva-Fuchs
Aerosol Filtration Contributions
The History of Dust and Aerosol Filtration, K.R. Spurny
Aerosol Filtration Science at the End of the 20th Century, K.R. Spurny
Single Fiber Collection Efficiency, O. Lastow and A. Podgorski
Stationary and Nonstationary Filtration of Liquid Aerosols by Fibrous Filters, D. Boulaud and A. Renoux
Modeling of Particle Transport and Collection in Aerosol Flow Devices, M. Shapiro
The Analysis of Aerosol Filtration using the Method of Volume Averaging, M. Quintard and S. Whitaker
The Efficiency of Clarification and Resource of Fiber Filter Predicted by Modeling its Structure with a Packet of Plane Nets, V.J. Alperovich, J.G. Alperovich, E.D. Chunin, V.V. Blagoveshchensiy, and V.V. Kashmet
Air Flow Through Filters: Beyond Single Fiber Theory, R.C. Brown
Mechanics of a Deformable Fibrous Aerosol Particle: Air Filtration, A. Podgorski and L. Gradon
Nature, Stability, and Effectiveness of Electric Charge in Filters, R.C. Brown
Separation of Airborne Dust in Deep Bed Filtration, G.I. Tardos
Quality Assurance of Glass Fiber Filter Media, W. Moelter and H. Fissan
The Lung as a Filter for Inhaled Aerosols, W. Hofmann, I. Balashazy, and T. Heistracher
Effect of Deposition on Aerosol Filtration, C. Tien
Performance of an Air Filter at Dust Loaded Condition, Ch. Kanaoka
Predicting Pressure Response Characteristics Across Particle Loaded Filters, V.J. Novick and J.F. Klassen
Fundamentals of the Compression Behavior of Dust Filter Cakes, W. Hoeflinger
Filter Efficiency Modeling, E. Schmidt, A. Gutsch, and R. Maus
On the Filtration and Separation of Fibrous Aerosols, K.R. Spurny
Carbon Fiber Filters with Aerosol Separation and Gas Adsorption Properties, K.R. Spurny
Pore Filters: Aerosol Filtration and Sampling, K.R. Spurny
Aerosol Separation
Inertial Impaction, J.S. Pastuszka
Development of Small Cutpoint Virtual Impactors, C. Sioutas and P. Koutrakis
Dry Aerosol Removal Capacity of a Plate Cyclone Filter, R.A. Ross, A.M. Mollinger, and M. Stoelinga
A Length-Selective Technique for Fibrous Aerosols, T. Myojo

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Spurny\, Kvetoslav R.